Alpha force is the fused version of omega brawlers.It was fused with team dharak,team avior,team coredem,destiny brawlers,and pyrus lords.The leader is alvin7.Alvin7 considers his members very respectful and strong brawlers.The leader used to be a member of another team,dynasty brawlers.He got kicked out of dynasty brawlers because he made his own team.Dynasty brawlers became rivals with alpha force when they where first rival's alpha force was omega brawlers.Then omega brawlers got the five fused teams together.Recently alpha force made peace with Dynasty brawlers.Their new target is shadow army.Who is considerd evil.the six leader's are...

alvin7 omega brawlers

syrene team avior

sorin team coredem

bakugirl10o team dharak

pyrosmaster pyrus lords

unkown user destiny brawlers

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