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Welcome! If you want to be on a Bakugan Team but still edit on Bakugan Wiki join here! You can make pages for your teams, Members, and if you have any questions just contact me! --Benji


Please Dont!

The Bakugan Teams Wiki Is Here!

Notices go out today!

Tournament Rules and Chart

Brawls in the Tournament.

Bakugan Dimensions!


Who knows how to make a poll?

Featured ArticleEdit

Once we have more users and articles I will open a Forum where you will vote on that.


President and Founder of this Wiki: Benji. Reason: Made this Wiki to let people have teams without being told they shouldn't.

Battle Proctor: Okniwy. Reason: Was the first to test the Online Brawling Page. (Alongside Benji).

Maintenance: Gundalian94 Reason: He is dependable, respectful, and is trustworthy.

Crat: Kevin Reason: He is eager and smart and ready for anything.

Crat: Luke Reason: He is a good person.

Admin: Lyke. Reason: Has been editing a lot since he joined us.

Admin: Arceus Reason: He is smart and independent.

Admin: Ricky Reason: He is trustworthy.

Proctor: Agent A Reason: He is a smart, nice, and Trustworthy person.

Evaluation #1Edit

Benji: PASS

Okniwy: PASS


Kevin: PASS

Lyke: PASS

Newguy: FAIL

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