Jay: Erebus! I have accepted your challenge and your'e going down.

Erebus: Ha, going down is no problem to me--I've already been to the Doom Dimension. Question is: Can you handle a complex battle?

Jay: I'm gonna fight Nethian style!

Jays team 1Darkus Meta Knight 950gs

Support pieces(Lazerox bakunano 150gs)

and when things get really hectic(Mechtogan Blastworn 1800gs)

Erebus: I don't keep up with the anime anymore--we should take this as either a regular Bakugan Brawl (3 on 3 Bakugan; each player has three gate cards and has to win three) or a New Vestroia brawl (Up to 3 on 3 Bakugan; Each player has 500 life points; first player to make the other hit zero loses). Your choice Brawler! The link to the Brawling page is here:

Agent A: My, my, my. We seem to be growing in new members. Good day, Jay. I hope you can enjoy your experience here at Bakugan Teams Wikia. There are rules for brawling here. You can find the rules here:! Oh, and Erebus--I may not be able to respond to the brawl for a while, so do not worry.

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