Destroy everything until the time of sacrifice.

See the beast to the right. That is Cryonis, Jonah's Mechanical Bakugan. It is a fierce warrior, but also Jay's sworn enemy. Jonah works for the Shadow Faction. And as soon as Naga is Revived he will sacrifice Cryonis for Naga to have power. Jonah is part of the 8 Admins that are in the Shadow Faction. Naga says he needs 4 sacrifices in all to be as powerful as Evolved Razenoid. Cryonis agreed to this because he is old and will pass soon if he deosn't. Cryonis has 900gs.

Cryonis Abilities

Ventus Cyclone +600gs

Dragonic Tornado +300gs all enemys -300gs

Dragonic Whirlwind +400gs all enemies -200gs

Mecha-air Blast nulifies opponents gate card +200gs

Mecha-air Sting +400gs all enemies -400gs

Dragonic Shield nulifies opponents ability and halves their Gs

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