Destroy Destroy Destroy

Ron is the powerhouse of the Admins. Not wanting to make a sacrifice for Naga, he hasn't decided yet if he will or not. His guardian bakugan is Fangtool. Fangtool is partly non-mechanical because he used to be a real baugan. He is under a mind control spell, and cannot break it until his brawler is deceased. He attacks with rage and power, but his weak point is being slow. Ron is the guy leading the plan to revive Naga, and has mental contact with him. This mental contact is like the link Dan and Mag Mel share. The link between these two guides Ron in th right direction on how to revive Naga. Fangtool does have thoughts and feelings like a regular bakugan, but only does and knows what Ron has told him. Fangtool has 1000gs

Fangtool Abilities

Pyro Scythe +600gs

Pyromanian Swirl +500gs all enemies -500gs

Pyromanian Shield nulifies opponents ability +400gs enemy -400gs

Fire Hammer Crush +700gs all enemies -700gs

Hammer Scale +1000gs enemy-1000gs

heat smash +800gs opponent +50gs

Dont mind the edits for abilties, i made them when i wasn't logged in.

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