Tag Team Tournament Info Edit

This tournament was created by Lomar to test out brawler's tag team skills. To sign up you must have listed, you and a partner, you and your partners guardians, and you and your partners accounts (to make communacation easier and if you don't have an account, MAKE ONE) DON"T LIST YOUR PASSWORD!!! If you want to look up the rules, go to the brawling page. I'm excepting 8 teams and no more than that. The winning team will recieve the DNA codes to a Ventus Wilda and Pyrus Fencer!! No, really! Not kidding! Because of the lack of brawlers, this tournament is closed down, if you were going to sign up, please tell us, because if we get 2 more teams we might put the tag team tournament back on line! If we do do this tournament then the the top 2 teams will go to the Grande tournament!

Sign Up Edit

  1. Team Wildfire (Lomar and James), Guardians: Pyrus Phosphos (James's) and Haos Lumagrowl (Lomar's), Bakuhorma (James) and Bakulomar (Lomar)
  2. Team Hikari Darkness (Kevin and Agent A), Guardians: Haos Lumagrowl (Kevin's) and Darkus Aranaut (Agent A's), Malum.EXE (Kevin) and Agent A.
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  7. ???????????
  8. ???????????

Brawling Edit

All brawling will be done on the disscussion page.

Team Wildfire



????? ????? Team Hikari Dakness VS ???
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