This is where Brawlers and Teams can brawl. Just start a new section and label it _____VS______ and then brawl it out! -Benji

Okniwy VS BenjiEdit

Okniwy: "So, What rules are we using?"

Benji: Ummm Lets brawl with three bakugan and one Trap/Gear. Gate card Set!

Okniwy: "I meant the actual rules or the show rules, but I guess you mean the actual rules. In that case, Gate Card set! You want first turn or should I?" (For the record I'm playing with Darkus Laserman, Ventus Viper Helios, and Subterra Avior. Also I'm actually doing my rolls on top of a table hockey table . Our Gates are side by side in the middle, my gate to your left, your gate to your right.)

Benji: (Okay) Ability Card! Bakugan Brawl! Cordem! Ability Activate Cordem! I double Cordem's Power level. Now it is 1500Gs. Your move.

Okniwy: Before I start could you elaborate on which gate he is on?

Benji: He laned on your gate. (Oh if you can beat me you can be an admin!)

Okniwy: I start my first turn. Red Ability, activate! Doom Wind Start (Play at the start of your first turn, if you have both Darkus and Ventus in your force: Take another turn after this one.) Subterra Avior Bakugan Brawl! He stands on my Gate. Gate, open! Silver Gate, Vacuum!

Pyrus Aquos Subterra Haos Darkus Ventus
(50) 20 50 60 20 70

Avior G-power: 750+50= 800

Benji: Now thanks to your Vacuum card Cordem is now at 1550 Now Come Battle Gear Rock Hammer! And I win your Gate Card. 1/3 Brawls done. OKay Your turn!

Okniwy: you don't get to roll your next Bakugan yet because Doom Wind Start let me take an extra turn. I start my second turn. Gate card set!

Benji's Gate Okniwy's Gate

Bakugan Brawl! Darkus Laserman!

He landed on your Gate.


Benji's Gate

Darkus Laserman (350g)

Okniwy's gate

it is now your second turn. (Remember to announce your Bakugan's Attribute.)

Benji: No, Its just we dont reply after each other, I didn't picture it with charts, I brawl with Subterra Bakugan, and I have to go. But Gate Card Open! Laserman: 420 Snapzoid: 830. Your turn.

Okniwy: I don't play any abilities, you take the card. My gate is still on the field and our Bakugan go to our used piles. The power level is at two and we each have one bakugan left. Set your card and roll your last Bakugan.

Benji: Okay well, you dont get to be an Admin this time, If you ever want a rematch though, I will be ready. You can be mantinence.

Brawl finished, Benjiboy321 wins.

Agent A VS Malum.EXEEdit

Proctor Okniwy: "I believe I'm to proctor this match. If you could please announce your Bakugan forces before gate cards are set?"

Malum.EXE AKA Kevin: Ok, I use Haos only and my team is Haos Alpha Hydranoid (Guardian; Heavy Metal), Haos Midnight Percival, and Haos Mega Brontes, Brachium (trap), 3 Gate and Ability Cards. *gets a Gate Card ready*

Agent A: Okay I am a combination of Haos and Darkus, so I will use a Haos Viper Helios (Guardian), a Darkus Dual Hydranoid(Translucent), a Haos Dharak, a Twin Destructor(Gear), a Metal Fencer (Trap), 3 Gate Cards and 3 Ability Cards! *Gate Card at Standby*

Proctor Okniwy: "Eric0911, please announce yourself in six hours of this post or the match will go on without you."

Kevin: ! Oh one more thing! *Puts Gauntlet on* ok Now Im ready!

Proctor Okniwy: "Eric0911 does not seem to be responding; he will be dropped from the Brawl."


Kevin's Gate

Agent's Gate


Proctor Okniwy: "Agent A, you will go first. Please announce any start of turn Abilities of Power Level 0 that you wish to play, then announce your roll. Wait for further instruction after that."

Kevin: *waits for Agent's move and picks a Bakugan to use on my turn*

Agent A: "Gate Card Set" *picks up Haos Dharak* " Bakugan Brawl! Dharak Stand!" *Dharak stands on Agent A's Gate Gard*


Kevin's Gate

Agent's Gate

Haos Dharak (640)


Proctor Okniwy: "Agent A, did you set a second Gate card? You did not really specify."

Agent A: "No I did not set another Gate Card, thank you."

Proctor Okniwy: "Kevin, it is now your turn. Please announce any start of turn Abilities of Power Level 0 that you wish to play, then announce your roll. If the roll results in a brawl, let Agent A open the Gate card. Then wait for further instruction."

Kevin: Gate Card Set! *takes Haos Alpha Hydranoid* BAKUGAN BRAWL! *throw him and he lands on my Gate Card* Haos Alpha Hydranoid (630 G), Stand! ABILITY ACTIVTE! MAGNETIC ATTACK! (Play after you roll a Heavy Metal Bakugan and it stands on a Gate Card on by itself. Move a standing Enemy Bakugan to this Gate Card) *Haos Dharak is moved to my Gate Card*

Agent A: Ha, very nice... so we have to play our ability cards before the gate card is revealed right?

Kevin: Only if the Ability Card says so!

Proctor Okniwy: "Please do not remove or undo edits here, that is my job, If done incorrectly it causes errors. Kevin, please reveal the Gate."


Haos Alpha Hydranoid (630)

Kevin's Gate

Haos Dharak (640)

Agent's Gate


Proctor Okniwy: "Kevin, please reveal the Gate card."

Kevin: GATE CARD OPEN! ENERGIZE! (Gold; Pyrus: 100, Aquos: 90, Subterra: 0, Haos 210 Highlighted, Darkus: 140, Ventus: 50) with this Gate Card, At the start of the battle, any player with more Ability Cards than Gate Cards in their used pile moves one Ability Card from their used pile to their unused pile And since I used Magnetic Attack, I gain it back to use again later! *regains Magnetic Attack* (Hey I'm going to the park so I don't know when I'll be back but when I do I'll logon.)

Proctor Okniwy: "Kevin has the inititive, so he will have first say as to wether or not he is activating any Ability cards, then Agent A may play an Ability. It will then alternate until both Brawlers pass."

Haos Alpha Hydranoid



Haos Dharak



Agent A: *quietly waiting for Kevin to get back from the park...*

Kevin: (ok Im back I was at my Girlfriends house) ABILITY ACTIVITE! POWER TRIANGLE! (Blue; Play during a Battle, your Pyrus, Aquos, or Haos Bakugan gets +50 G-Power for each Bakugan in your unused pile and the unused pile of your opponent in this battle) And because we both have 2 Bakugan in our unused piles, Haos Alpha Hydranoid gets +200 G-Power! *Haos Alpha Hydranoid now has a Power Level of 1040 G*

Agent A: Okaaaay... I have no Ability Cards to play! You win the battle.

Kevin: YES! *takes card* 1 down 2 to go!

Agent A: My turn, Lets go Helios! Bakugan Brawl! Bakugan Stand... * Haos Viper Helios (740 G's) stands on Agent A's Gate Card)

Kevin: *gasps* OK BAKUGAN BRAWL! *throws and lands on your Gate Card* HAOS MEGA BRONTES (600 G) STAND!

Agent A: Heh heh! Gate Card Open! Golden Sword: (Gold; Pyrus: 100 Highlighted, Aquos: 80, Subterra: 150, Haos: 50, Darkus: 60, Ventus: 150) Gold GEAR give their printed G-power an extra time.

Proctor Okniwy: "Since It's Kevin's turn, he has inititive again. Kevin, you may play any Ability of Power Level 1 or lower or play a Trap or Gear, then Agent A may do the same. Repeat until you both pass. After this battle resolves, both of you must set another Gate. (Agent A, I can infer that Kevin's Brachium is Haos, but could you announce the Attributes for your Metal Fencer and Twin Destructor?)"

Haos Viper Helios



Haos Mega Brontes



Agent A: *to Proctor Okniwy* " My Metal Fencer is Haos and my Twin Destructor is Gold."

Kevin: *thinking: This is not good. I don't have an Ability I can play, and Brachium will make Brontes a Darkus and its G-Power boost is only higher by 10 Points* I'm sorry Brontes. I have no Abilities to play, Agent A, you win this Round!

Proctor Okniwy: "It is now Agent A's turn, Both Brawlers set a new Gate card, then Agent A may make his roll. In addition, the Power Level is now 2." (I can't get the table to work.)

Agent A: Yes! Now only 2 to go! Gate Card Set! Bakugan Brawl! Dual Hydranoid Stand!!!! *Dual Hydranoid stood on Agent A's Gate card* It's your turn Malum.EXE/ Kevin!

Kevin: OK! GATE CARD SET! BAKUGAN BRAWL! HAOS MIDNIGHT PERCIVAL (550 G) STAND! *stands on my Gate Card* Your move!

Agent A: Mmhmmm. Let's Go! Bakugan Brawl! Dharak Stand! *Haos Dharak Landed on Malum.EXE/ Kevin's Gate Card* *Battle Initiated*

Proctor Okniwy: "Kevin, Please announce your Gate Card. Agent A, please announce your Dual Hydranoid's G-power."


Haos Midnight Percival (550)

Kevin's Gate

Haos Dharak (640)

Agent A's Gate

Trans. Darkus Dual Hydranoid (650)


Agent A: Guess I forgot, my Dual Hydranoid has 650 G's.

Kevin: GATE CARD OPEN! HIGH VOLTAGE! (Bronze; Pyrus: 250; Aquos: 200; Subterra: 300; Haos: 250 Highlighted; Darkus: 200; Ventus: 150; If the winner of this Battle wins by more than 100 G-Power, then the winner must put all of their Ability Cards into their used pile) Come Mechanical Trap Bakugan Brachium! *sends out Brachium and Haos Midnight Percival becomes Darkus Midnight Percival*

Agent A: Heh, trying to get rid of all my ability cards huh? Take This, Bakugan Trap! Go Metal Fencer! Change Haos Dharak to Ventus Dharak!

Darkus Midnight Percival



Ventus Dharak



Kevin: Didn't see that coming! Oh well, I tried. OK the score is 1 to 2. I have one Gate Card left. At least I have all my Bakugan back from my used pile.


Agent A's Gate

Trans. Darkus Dual Hydranoid (650)


Proctor Okniwy: "Kevin, it is your turn. The Power Level is now 3. In addition, used pile statistics are as follows;"

Kevin Agent
Brachium Metal Fencer
Energize (Gate) High Voltage (Gate)
Power Triangle (Ability) Golden Sword (Gate)

Agent A: Muhahahahaha, are you ready for this?

Kevin: BAKUGAN BRAWL! HAOS ALPHA HYDRANOID STAND! *lands on Agent's Gate Card*

Agent A: Hehhehhehhehhehhehe.... Gate card Open! Dark Tunnel (Bronze; Pyrus: 120; Aquos: 180 Highlighted; Subterra: 160; Haos: 80; Darkus: 220; Ventus: 140; Players can't play Blue or Green Ability cards.

Haos Alpha Hydranoid (630+80=710) 120 Trans. Darkus Dual Hydranoid (650+220=870)

Proctor Okniwy: "Agent A, please choose whether or not your Dual Hydranoid will copy the opponent's Attribute."

Agent A: Hmmmm, well from the looks of the Gate Card... I guess I'll Stay DARKUS!!! So, Malum. EXE lets see what you can do against this strategy. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.

Kevin: *smiles* I can't do anything...except...COME! BAKUGAN TRAP BRACHIUM!!! *Brachium enters the Battle and Haos Alpha Hydranoid becomes Darkus Alpha Hydranoid* By the way, when all three of your Bakugan return to you from your used pile, your Trap Bakugan returns to you as well if it is in your used pile with your Bakugan! *Darkus Alpha Hydranoid now has a Power Level of 850 G*

Proctor Okniwy: "Kevin, please do not make such a ruling as the previous one by yourself; it underminds my position as proctor. That being said, while my position on that ruling is contrary, I can not find anything on the official site that agrees or disagrees with it. Furthermore, even with that move you still trail by 20 G, so, as it did nothing for your position, I will allow it. Agent, will you respond?"

Agent A: I can't really play any ability cards but... I can use my Battle Gear: Twin Destructor( Gold; 90 G's) right Okniwy?

Kevin: NO! *falls to my knees* I-I lost.... but...*gets back up* As Leader of Team Haos, I admit defeat... *holds out hand* Agent A...You are a powerful Brawler. You win. ^^

Proctor Okniwy: "As the proctor of this Brawl, I announce that Agent A is the winner. Let there be no more edits to this section."

Benji & Agent A VS Lyke & KevinEdit

Waiting for Benji to go online. Also need a proctor.

Proctor Okniwy: "Seeing as I'm the only Proctor right now, I'll proctor this match as well. (Got to look into getting a few more proctors.)"

Lyke: alright. I'll put you in as the proctor.

Benji: I have added Gugi and Kevin who have wanted to brawl with or against me. This is the perfect time to try out a double brawl! We can start as soon and Kevin is ready.

Agent A: Hey could I posibbly join in this battle?

Lyke: Maybe. But I have a special strategy (as an Aquos Brawler I have to be strategic.) So tell me about the rules.

Lyke: Oh, BTW I have to go at around 7 Eastern Time, so make this quick.

Proctor Okniwy: "I'm sorry Agent A, But the slots for this battle seem to be full. However, please feel free to continue the battle you are already in and watch this one.

Now for the rules. As there are no proper rules for a two versus two brawl, I had to rework the Big Game Rules. Each Brawler has three Bakugan, three Ability cards (Red, Blue, Green), and three Gate cards (Gold, Silver, Copper). The teams share their Used Pile and can have up to four Traps and/or Gears between them; that is to say, if one Brawler has only one Trap or Gear, their partner may have three; if they have none, their partner may have four, but both can have as few as none.

The turn order will be determined by the Proctor, but will always be;

Team one, Brawler one -> Team two, Brawler one -> Team one, Brawler two -> Team two, Brawler two -> Repeat

Each Brawler places a Gate at the start of the match, and replaces them every time the field is empty. The first team with six Gates in their used pile wins the game.

Abilities with a Power Level (Number in top right corner) may not be played until the number of Gates in both teams Used Piles equals or exceeds that Level.

At any time that a Brawler forgets to provide information on a Bakugan, Trap, Gear, Ability, or Gate that should be public knowledge, the proctor may request that Brawler to announce the missing information."

Lyke: alright, let's go then.

Proctor Okniwy: "Lyke, I'm sorry, but I doubt this will be quick. Plus it might be nice to let Kevin finish the Brawl he is already in. Still, for those of you who are ready, Brawlers please announce your forces."

Lyke: Farakspin (740G), Coredem (740G), Luminagrowl (600G), and Tripod Epsilon, all Aquos.

Kevin: Lumagrowl (Guardian; 770 G), Hades Turbine (Flywheel; 650 G), Altair (650 G), and Brachium; All Haos. (just so y'all know I changed my deck for this Double Battle)

Lyke: Wheeee! Hooray for Variation! I actually wanted to use a battle gear but maybe next time.

Benji: I brawl with only Subterra. I will use: Clayf (700G) Snapzoid (720G) Coredem (750G) Rock Hammer (70G)

Proctor Okniwy: "Benji, Subterra is not a valid Attribute for Rock Hammer. Please specify; Gold, Silver, or Copper? (Hint: if you can't tell by the symbol, look at the paint details.)"

Agent A: Benji, I would advise you check on Bakugan Wiki/ Battle Gear to find out what your Battle Gear is.

Benji: I know what my battle Gear is! I am not stupid or anything! It is a Copper Rock Hammer.

Proctor Okniwy: "Agent A, Please try not to antagonize the participating Brawlers, even if it was unintentional. Also try not to post in a Brawl that you are not a part of. Benji, I'm sorry if I was condencending, I was just making sure that all information needed was present. Speaking of which... Gugi, please announce your forces."

Lyke: So, should we start? Or do we need to know Gugi's G-Powers?

Benji: I do own it. I made it. I am President of it.

Kevin: *ready*

Lyke: *ready*

Kevin: I got new Bakugan today Haos Lumagrowl (770 G) and Silver Rock Hammer (60 G) And Im going to use Lumagrowl instead of Alpha Hydranoid

Benji: I got Awkimos new today! (670!) I will test him by using him instead of Coredem.

Benji: *ready* (I told Agent he can join) (So no Gugi)

Agent A: I will brawl using my Haos Viper Helios (740 G's), my Darkus Dual Hydranoid (650 G's; Translucent), my Haos Orbit Helios (680 G's), Twin Destructor (90 G's; Gold).

Agent A: *ready*

Lyke: In that case, can I switch out the trap I actually don't have with two of my battle gears? If I have to brawl with a handicap I rather not brawl at all.

Benji: Lyke, I want you to get used to brawling with your 'Tripod Epsilon' until they have a blue Gear. I want you to use Aquos and practice. Agent isn't on our team so he can do what he wants but you, please try this brawl with it and dont let me down. Agent, use one gear only Twin Destructor. And you are with me yes. Well Okniwy, we are ready!

Lyke: In that case, I'm ready! *Again*

Agent A: *sigh* Fine I will play with only my Twin Destructor, but can I also use my Metal Fencer (Haos)? Other then that... *ready*

Benji: Ready! And Agent, no. If we are all ready, Okniwy, take it away.

Proctor Okniwy: "Benji, do you mean a Gear made of blue plastic? Nevermind, it doesn't matter right now. Okay let's see if this is right."

#2 Benji #4 Agent
Subterra Coredem (750G) Silver Rock Hammer (70G)

Gold Twin Destructor (90G)

Haos Orbit Helios


Subterra Snapzoid (720G) Subterra Clayf (700G)

Haos Viper Helios (740G)

Trans. Darkus Dual Hydranoid (650G)

Kevin's Gate Lyke's Gate
Field. Power Level 0.
Agent's Gate Benji's Gate

Aquos Coredem (740G)

Aquos Farakspin (740G) Haos Lumagrowl (770G) Haos Turbine Hades (650G)
Aquos Lumagrowl (600G) Aquos Tripod Epsilon Haos Brachium Haos Altair (650G)
#3 Lyke #1 Kevin

Proctor Okniwy: "That should be everything. The numbers by you names are the turn order. So... Kevin, it is your move."

Agent A: Yeah!!!!!!! I am so hyped up!

Lyke: they better come up with a blue gear soon. I'm the one with the lowest G-power and no way to get it up using gear. In ep 46 Helix Dragonoid fought Aquimos but he somehow FORGOT to use a battle gear...even though all the other phantom data used one. *mumble mumble*

Kevin: OK GATE CARD SET! BAKUGAN BRAWL! LUMAGROWL (770 G) STAND! *Haos Lumagrowl stands on my Gate Card*

Lyke: Whoa talk about a great start! (I was gonna start with my weakest :D)

Agent A: Well thats a nice way to start... Soooooooo, who's turn is next?

Lyke: Benji's.

Proctor Okniwy: "It is now Benji's turn."

Benji Agent

Kevin's Gate

Haos Lumagrowl (770G)

Lyke's Gate
Field. Power Level 0
Agent's Gate Benji's Gate
Lyke Kevin

Proctor Okniwy: "Also, in the event that Bakugan of two partnered Brawlers land on the same Gate, no Brawl happens, and the Gate goes to that teams Used Pile. Just like if two Bakugan of the same Brawler stand on the same Gate with no enemy."

Benji: Gate Card, Set! Bakugan Brawl! Subterra Clayf Stand! *Clayf is on Kevin's Gate*

Benji Agent
Kevin's Gate:
Subterra Clayf (700G)

Haos Lumagrowl (770G)

Lyke's Gate
Field. Power Level 0
Agent's Gate Benji's Gate
Lyke Kevin

Lyke: Battle begins. Can't wait!

Agent A: Go Benji!!!

Kevin: GATE CARD OPEN! ARANAUT'S TURF! (Gold; Pyrus: 100; Aquos: 70; Subterra: 20; Haos: 200; Darkus: 130 (Highlighted); Ventus: 180; The Bakugan with the lowest printed G-Power get +50 for each point of Power Level)

  • Lumagrowl: *Battle Growl!* LET'S DO THIS! (Lumagrowl is my Guardian and he can talk)

Lyke: Benji, just to be clear, did you roll Coredem or Clayf? "Subterra Clayf Stand! *Coredem is on Kevin's Gate*" So...which one is it?

Benji: Clayf can talk too! Clayf and Snapzoid are my guardians!

Clayf: Hey Guys! Uhh Benji, why dont we show Lumagrowl and Kevin who we are! And where we stand! I am at 720 too! So Ha!

Benji: Right! Ability Card Activate! Bright Earth!(Haos and Subterra may us the highlighted bonus on the gate card in play) Clayf! Now we are at 850!

Clayf: Yes But Lumagrowl is at 1100!

Benji: Oh Crap! I am so sorry Clayf!

Kevin: We're not done yet!

Lumagrowl: Kevin!


  • Lumagrowl gets +90 G*

Kevin: And since the Gate Card is Gold.


  • Blasts Subterra Clayf*

Agent A & Helios (At the same time): Oh no, Benji and Clayf! =O

Benji: Agent! I was going to say something! GRRRRR! Whatever, I will do it for another brawl.... And Clayf is in ball form BTW.

Agent A: I'm guessing it is Lyke's turn now, right?

Lyke: Rolling Aquos Lumagrowl on my own gate. Agent A, go ahead.

Agent A: Lets go Helios!

Helios: Yesssssss!

Agent A: Bakugan Brawl! Haos Viper Helios Stand! *Viper Helios Stands on Agent A's Gate card*

Kevin: Ok My turn! BAKUGAN BRAWL! HAOS ALTAIR STAND!! *Haos Altair lands on Lyke's Gate Card*

Lyke: Why? There is no double stand in standard rule if a battle is possible. If we're using normal rules then Altair would be moved to Agent's Gate. What rules are we using, Okniwy?

Kevin: (Qoute: "Proctor Okniwy: "Also, in the event that Bakugan of two partnered Brawlers land on the same Gate, no Brawl happens, and the Gate goes to that teams Used Pile. Just like if two Bakugan of the same Brawler stand on the same Gate with no enemy.")

Lyke: Alright, but you know next turn Benji will double stand as well. Gold Gate "Lighting Storm" added to Lyke and Kevin's used pile. All Aquos, Ventus, and Haos Bakugan are at +50 power.

Lumagrowl: YEAH! The score is 2-0!

Benji: Dont doubt us yet Lumagrowl! (Hey does team Haos want to be our rival team, but like we are rivals but still friends) Gate card! Bakugan Brawl! Subterra Akwimos Stand! Yes! Akwimos landed on Agent's Card! Double Stand!

Clayf: I give my props to you, Subterra Awkimos!

Snapzoid: Yeah awesome man!

Clayf: Can you talk more proper?

Snapzoid: Nahhh

Clayf: Wait now the score is 2-1!

Benji: Thats right! So if we win the next round, it ties the game!

Snapzoid: Woo!
Clayf: But if we lose it is the end!

Benji: I still have some tricks up my sleave!

Snapzoid; Do they invole using me?

Benji: Yes! Its Lykes Turn now.

Lyke: only one gate left...Benji's gate. Aquos Farakspin BRAWL! Farakspin stand!

Benji Agent
Taken Vacant
Field. Power Level 3

Benji's Gate

Aquos Farakspin (740 + 50G)

Lyke Kevin

Proctor Okniwy: "Sorry for the long bit of silence there, I had a long weekend. Everybody seems to be handling fairly well without me, which is good, I feel that I've done something right if you can continue a Brawl in my absense without a problem. Why don't I take a look at your Used... Piles.


Kevin, you won that first Brawl with Benji regardless of this, but that Twin Destuctor you used for overkill? You don't actually have one in this brawl. Here is the Bakugan force you were locked in with at the start of the brawl.

Haos Lumagrowl (770G) Haos Turbine Hades (650G)
Haos Brachium Haos Altair (650G)

I suggest we just count it as a weird bit of Phantom Data and be done with it.

Everything else is in order, just remember, Two Versus Two works similar to Big Game, so you need six Gates to win."

Kevin: Dang! I forgot! Im thinking of my Sisters Bakugan game for the wii! and in the tag team battles in the game, dan and i needed to get 3 Gate Cards. and about the Twin Destructor. Heh heh, Sorry about that.

Lumagrowl: Yes I am sorry I went overbroad with it.

Lyke: Guys, proctor, bad news. Agent is going on vacation for 2 days. So it's his turn now. So do we postpone for two days? Okniwy it's your call.

Lyke: And by the way Kevin, Twin destructor doesn't fit on Lumagrowl well. I tested it and Lumagrowl's head was too tall for the barrels. :(

Proctor Okniwy: "Of course we are going to wait for him. Everybody else has something to do, so let's have the next post be Agent's turn."

Kevin: I don't care and I traded it back to my sis for my Silver Rock Hammer


Helios: Shut your yap and start Brawling.

Agent A: Okay, Bakugan Brawl! Haos Viper Helios Stand! *Viper Helios stood on Agent A's Gate Card*

Proctor okniwy: Agent A, your gate was already taken; the only one left until everyone sets a new one next turn is Benji's.

Agent A: Oh, well then... I have to land on Benji's Gate card, right?

Lyke: fight me already!

Agent A: Okay, Gate Card OPEN!........ huh?

Helios: It is Benji's Gate, WE DON"T KNOW WHAT IT IS!

Kevin and Lumagrowl: HAHAHAHA!

Benji: Here I am! Sorry for the long intermisson. Now, Gate Card Open! Forest Fire! (Plus 50G to all Pyrus, Subterra, and Darkus Bakugan. Reagular: 80 Darkus, 50 Haos, 20 Pyrus, 80 Subterra, and 50 Aquos.

Haos Cybeast Kevin: Yeah! Benji's back!

Lumagrowl: Alright!

Lyke: We're tied. Activate ability card?

Aquos Farakspin (740 + 50 + 50 840)
Haos Viper Helios (740 + 50 + 50 = 840)

Haos Cybeast Kevin: If no one plays an Ability Card to break the tie, then whoever landed on the Gate Card first wins it, in this case Lyke and I would win it!

Snapzoid: Agent?

Clayf: Avange me Helios!

Benji: Oh we will play an ability, won't we Agent A?

Agent A: Okay, ready Helios?

Helios: Come on lets go!

Agent A: Got it, Ability Card ACTIVATE! See the Light: Play during a battle where you have a Haos Bakugan. Your Bakugan gets +50 G's for each Gate Card in your opponent's used pile.


Farakspin: Two gates I see, spinspin? Then we can use...

Lyke: Late tide! (Play during a battle on an opponent's gate card. Add G-Power based on attribute)

Farakspin: SpinSpinSpin! Your move!


Forest Fire

Aquos Farakspin

(740 + 50 + 50 + 200= 1040 G's)

Haos Viper Helios

(740 + 50 + 50 + 100= 940 G's)

Helios: Master, we can't afford to lose this...

Agent A: You're right Helios! Ability Card Activate, ColorVoid: Play during a battle if your opponent has more Gate Cards in his used pile than you. Change your opponent's Bakugan to an Attribute of your choice. Lets change you to PYRUS!

Helios: Ha, all the G's from your Ability card have been nulified.

Lyke: Alright. One ability card for two of your is more than a fair trade. You win! The score is now 2-2. All colored bakugan now have +50 G-power in any battle.

Farakspin: Spinspinspin! In a big battle, the battle becomes one of attrition! Soon they will have no more cards to play! Benji has two ability cards left, while Agent A has only one. Lyke have 2 left and Kevin have all three!


Forest Fire

Aquos Farakspin

(740 + 50 + 20= 810 G's)

Haos Viper Helios

(740 + 50 + 50 + 100= 940 G's)

Helios: He's right...

Agent A: Don't worry, we still have a few tricks up our sleeve...

Helios: Now who's turn is it?

Haos Cybeast Kevin: It's my turn! GATE CARD SET! BAKUGAN BRAWL! HAOS HADES TURBINE (650 G) STAND! *Haos Hades Turbine lands on my Gate Card*

Hades Turbine: *metallic sounds*

Lyke: Let's just assume we all set our gate cards. Each player has one gate card left.


Haos Turbine Helios (650G)

Agent Benji

Benji: Gate Card, Set! Bakugan Brawl! Subterra Jamello Stand!

Jamello: *stars singing*

Snapzoid: You said you would use me!

Benji: Change of plans!

Clayf: The secret weapon!

Haos Cybeast Kevin: ! What is that thing!

Lumagrowl: And whose Gate Card is it on?

Agent A: Hey, are we allowed to use made up Bakugan? Don't make this another out of control brawl...

Benji: Agent, we can but you must get permisson by either Okniwy or Me. And I will try him in another brawl. So who wants to be my opponent later?

Proctor okniwy: "Oh hell no! Benji, you might be president of this wiki, but my authority as proctor supercedes you in this brawl. I might have let you use Jamello if you announced him as part of your force at the beginning, but swaping him in after the Brawl started is very much cheating. I suggest you test him in the new Show Brawl format I added. As it is, take him off the field, roll your Snapzoid, and announce who's Gate it's on. No disrespect, just doing my job."

Benji: I understand. Sorry! I will test Jamello later in a Show brawl. *calls him back to his ball* Lets Go Snapzoid! Bakugan Brawl! (he landed on my Gate and is at 720G)

Hikari Okami: *nods* Lyke, your turn! Let's win this buddy! (btw I'm using the name im going to use in BD.) Hey I will not be online for a while, but if i can I'll try to logon around 8:15 PM tonight

Lyke: Aquos Lumagrowl stands on my gate! Kevin don't double stand on this one please.

Agent A: My turn! Bakugan Brawl! Dual Hydranoid STAND! *Dual Hydranoid stood on Agent A's Gate*! Rise Dual Hydranoid!

D Hydranoid(1): We will not fail you masssster!

D Hydranoid(2): We are ready for anything!


Haos Turbine Helios (650G)


Aquos Lumagrowl


Agent A

Darkus Dual Hydranoid (650 G's)


Subterra Snapzoid (720)

Hikari Okami: You got it Lyke! BAKUGAN BRAWL! ALTAIR STAND! *lands on my Gate Card* YEAH! DOUBLE STAND!

Agent A: Okay, Benji, don't double stand on my Gate Card...

Dual Hydranoid(1): I want to battle!

Lyke: The score is now 3-2. It is now Benji's turn.

Benji: Bakugan Brawl! Bakugan Stand! *Clayf lands on my gate with Snapzoid*

Snapzoid: Yeah!

Clayf: *high fives him* Awesome!

Benji: Last round, 3-3.

Agent A: Lyke's turn!

Dual Hydranoid(1): Hit us with your best shot Lyke!

Dual Hydranoid(2): We're ready! >=)

Lyke: Coredem is my last bakugan, so I'll roll him on your gate.

Coredem: Coredem SMASH!

Lyke: Reveal you ability card, por favor.




Aquos Lumagrowl


Agent A


(Smashalicious) Darkus Dual Hydranoid (650 G's)

Benji (TAKEN)

Agent A: Okay, Gate Card OPEN! Windy Beach: (Copper; Pyrus: 120; Aquos: 60; Subterra: 140; Haos: 80; Darkus: 90 (Highlighted); Ventus: 30;The owner of this card chooses two Bakugan at this battle. Those Bakugan have their printed G-Power swapped)

Agent A: And I choose for Dual Hydranoid to swap G-powers with Coredem!


Windy Beach

Darkus Dual Hydranoid

(740 + 90= 830 G's)



(650 + 60= 710 G's)

Dual Hydranoid(1): Let's ssssee what you've got!

Dual Hydranoid(2): It'sssss your move!

Coredem: Ouch!

Lyke: You win! The score is 3-4. But...ability card activate! Flowing Waters! (Play after you lose a battle with an Aquos Bakugan. Swap any number of Bakugan and Gate cards from your unused pile to your used pile.) My last gate card is now placed in my used pile! The score is now 4-4! And it's now your turn!

Agent A: Okay,it's my turn... But first, Ability Card Activate, Guard Hammer: Play before you roll a Haos Bakugan. If it lands on a Gate card, replace that Gate card with one from your unused pile. The original card goes to its owner's unused pile. Bakugan Brawl, Bakugan Stand! Go, Haos Helix Dragonoid *Haos Helix Dragonoid stood on Lyke's Gate* Now I swap your Gate Card with mine!

Helix Drago: RRROOOAAARRRR! Get ready to lose Lumagrowl!

Agent A: Gate Card OPEN: The AU Plateau: (Gold; Pyrus: 10; Aquos: 100; Subterra: 80; Haos: 210; Darkus: 150 (Highlighted); Ventus: 230;Silver and Copper GEAR can't be played.)

Lyke: Agent, I'm sorry, but you lied to me. The Bakugan in question is a 680G Orbit Helios, not a 710G Helix Dragonoid. You never announce your switch and tried to cover up you tracks. Please don't lie again, because I can prove you made the switch. Okniwy, what do you say to this? In the case that a brawler is cheating, are they disqualified?

Agent A: Okay, sorry but I wanted to update my Bakugan Team to my current one. You can let me go and continue the Brawl, or you can ask me to switch back to my Orbit Helios... But if you want, you can disqualify me. However, disqualifying me would just lead this Brawl to utter chaos, as Benji would have no teammate and not very many other brawlers would like to enter a brawl with only one Ability Card left... Unless you would like to allow someone in with all of their Abilities, leaving you at a total disadvantage. Your decision... >=)


The AU Plateau

Haos Orbit Helios

(680 + 210= 890 G's)



(600 + 100= 700 G's)

Lyke: If it were up to me, I would simply disqualify you even if it would lead to my disadvantage. But I'm asking Okniwy's decision, & I will abide by his decision ONLY. Maybe I would like to update my team too...My Aquos Lumagrowl seems a little small :D @Benji, you did not least, not yet. After this is over we'll see.

Agent A: What you decide doesn't matter to me... (This brawl was getting old)

Proctor okniwy: "This is like what Benji was trying to do with his Jamello, so the outcome is the same, Switch them back. Thankfully this was caught before it could actually change the results in a signifigant way. Remember, the only bakugan swaping allowed is super evolutions, and I know all of those, so you can't try to sneak one of those in."

Agent A: Okay, there! I changed it! HAPPY?

Hikari: Ok everyone Let's all just take a deep breath and calm down. we can get along with each other.

Agent A: I still don't really see how it matters, Orbit Helios-Helix Dragonoid.... Lyke, your move!

Lyke: After this brawl I will be taking a short break until I can use a battle gear instead of a trap. But seeing as I have none, I give up. See? You can win even witout changing your bakugan, have faith in yourself! The score is now 4-5 :D

Horma VS Agent A Edit

Agent A: Okay, this place is messy, so I just erased everything.

Helios: Okay, Now we must re-announce our teams...

Agent A: I will be using my

  1. Haos Viper Helios (740 G's; Guardian)
  2. Darkus Dharak (750 G's)
  3. Pyrus Turbine Dragonoid (710 G's)
  4. Twin Destructor (90 G's; Gold)
  5. AirKor (60 G's; Copper)

James: I will be using

  1. Aquos Snapzoid (780 Gs)
  2. Pyrus Dharak (770 Gs)
  3. Ventus Wilda (780 Gs)
  4. Same as you
  5. Silver Battle Turbine (80 Gs)

James: You can start. Gate Card Set!

Agent A: Okay, Gate Card Set! Bakugan Brawl, Darkus Dharak stand! *Dharak stands on Agent A's Gate Card* Go Dharak!

Dharak: Lets go Master!!!!! GGGRRRAAAAHHHHH!!!!

Helios: Don't get too cocky Dharak!

James: Okay! Go, Snapzoid! Snapzoid lands on my card.

Snapzoid: Hiss!! Roar!!

Agent A: Lets go, Bakugan Brawl! Bakugan stand! Turbine Dragonoid Stand! *T Drago stood on James' Gate* Go Turbine Dragonoid!

Turbine Drago: RRROOOAAARRR! It's been a while master! I will prove to you my worth!

James: Gate Card open!! Stand Off!

Agent A: Unfortunatly I do not know anything about "Stand Off" please fill me in...

James: Sorry I had lotsa stuff to do.

Pyrus: 140

Aquos: 80

Subterra: 50

Haos: 80*

Darkus: 60

Ventus: 20

"No ability cards may be played in this battle."

So, Dharak (770 + 140) is at 910!! And Drago (710 + 140) is at 850.

Lyke vs BlocksatEdit

Lyke: I'll do this tommorow.


Lyke: First of all, stop flaming and talking in all caps. Second of all, put your name first. This is a conversation, not some drunken fight. Third, first come first serve. I don't see your name on the Brawling page. I really don't care, as I can do multiple brawls at once, but stop being to inflammatory. This is your first warning.

blocksat:i am vs lyke first not you fusion arceus

Lyke: OK...I am going to some stores around here and hopefully get some new gear. (They don't have anything in Aquos) I'll start this when I get back. Blocksat can announce his forces but I really have to go.

Fusion Arceus: first, this is not a "drunken fight", second, my keyboard was stuck on caps lock (now fixed)so i am not angry, and third:i didn't put my name on the brawling page, i put it on bengi's blog on the page "The Bakugan Teams Wiki is here". look on the comments.

Lyke: hmm I'm back. Most of the stores are closed so no new reinforcements. Fusion Arceus If your comp is stuck on capslock why did you type a " instead of a ' in "I'm"? Seems to me like you just held the shift key and pressed away at the keys. If it is stuck, then I am happy it's fixed and hope this will not happen again. You can put the fight on the brawling page if you want. I am sure Blocksat can manage 2 brawls at once.

Blocksat:not really all i am using is darkus coredem pyrus quake dragonoid phosphos and clawsaurus.

Lyke: Blocksat, you can't use Quake dragonoid unless you can evolve it (it evolves from any dragonoid 650G or below). Fusion Arceus, if you want to brawl why don't you post it here? I am using Farakspin, Coredem, and Hyper Dragonoid.

Blocksat:then i will change it to helix dragonoid.

Benji: Stop this nonscence or I will end this brawl right now! Areceus, you brawl him after Lyke. And I will have Agent be your Proctor after he is done with the battles he is in.

Lyke: Then it's brawl Time!

Aquos Farakspin (740G)
Aquos Coredem (740G)
Hyper Dragonoid (740G)

Post your force here

Pyrus Helix Dragonoid (800G)
Darkus Coredem (760G)
Ventus Stikeflier (780G)

Lyke: alrite, let's GO! Gate card set! You go first!

Blocksat:can you go first i am new to brawling.

Lyke: Bakugan Roll! Bakugan stand! Hyper Dragonoid!

Blocksat: bakugan roll bakugan brawl darkus coredem.

Lyke's Gate Darkus Coredem (760G)

Blocksat's Gate

Hyper Dragonoid (740G)

Lyke: Nope, activate Red ability card Magnetic Action! (Play after your opponent rolls. Put the Bakugan rolled on one of the gate cards of your choice.) Coredem moved to Blocksat's gate! Battle begins! Blocksat, please reveal your gate card!

Blocksat: gatecard activate rickety ridge 200 pyrus 150 darkus the bakugan with the lowest Gs wins.

Coredem (910) Hyper Dragonoid (890)

Lyke: Hyper Dragonoid Element Change to Darkus! In that case I win, unless you play an ability card.

Blocksat: ablity activate grave yard howl pyrus 10 darkus 50 gs based on card i win.

Lyke: first of all, there is no bakugan in my used pile, so the G-power increase is 0. Second, your gate says the bakugan with the lowest Gs win. As you can see mine is lower. You can redo that move.

Blocksat:you win this round.

Lyke: Round two! Bakugan Brawl! Coredem Stand! Remember Coredem is translucent, so he can take the attribute of the opponent.

Blocksat gate crad activate stand off PYRUS:140 VENTUS:20 DARKUS:60 HAOS:80 SUBTERRA:50 no ablity cards can be played in the battle. Lyke: Wait a minute. No gate cards can be placed until all gate cards have run out. And you don't need to reveal a gate unless you battle.

Blocksat oh sorry then i am not used to battling on here.

Lyke: I wonder if we need a proctor?

BLOCKSAT: yeah it would make it easier

Lyke: Well, I don't know if anyone's online, but it's your move.

Blocksat: you go first please so i can learn how to play

Lyke: It's your turn, and you already know how to play.

Lyke's Gate

Aquos Coredem (740G)

Blocksat's Gate


Agent A: I will proctor this Match... I=O

Helios: And I will help! =D


Lyke's Gate

Aquos Coredem

(740 G's)

Ventus Strikeflier(780G)


Proctor A: Okay, the score is currently, 1-0 and Lyke is winning.

Helios: Blocksat, It is your turn! Choose your Bakugan and roll it onto Lyke's Gate.

Blocksat:bakugan brawl strikeflier stand!

Lyke: Time to battle!


Gate: ???

Aquos Coredem

(740 G's)

Ventus StrikeFlier

(780 G's)

Helios: Lyke, please announce your Gate Card!

Lyke: Gate card open! Low Bridge! The Bakugan with the lowest total G-Power wins this power. So Coredem = 740. Strikeflier = 880. Oh BTW are we using Battle Gear? We forgot to announce our battle gear at this battle.

Blocksat: solar plexus allows my ventus bakugan to nulify your gate card and drop your gs by 50.

Pyrus 100
Aquos 0
Subterra 200
Haos 50
Darkus 150
Ventus 100


Low Bridge

Aquos Coredem

(740 + 0= 740 G's)

Ventus StrikeFlier

(780 +100= 880 G's)

Proctor A: Blocksat, I have checked out your "Solar Plexus" ability and turns out, it's an anime only ability. So you are losing unless you have anything else to play.

Helios: Solar Plexus is an ability that Ventus El Condor have.

Blocksat: no lyke is winning 2-0 great job lyke.

Lyke: Now it's time to set our gate cards. Farakspin is the only bakugan I have left, so I'll roll him on to my gate card.

Lyke: Hello? Blocksat? Are you here at all?

Lyke: OK, this is getting old. If you want to forfeit, do so. Otherwise, finish the brawl!

Lomar: Blocksat forfeited.

Lyke: oookay. The scores is at 2-0. No further edits to this section, I guess.

Kevin VS James (Horma) Edit

James; Ready, Kevin?

Kevin: Yeah! But im currently in a battle. But in our battle, I'll be using: Haos Lumagrowl (Guardian; 770 G), Pyrus Coredem (610 G), Subterra Dharak (620 G), Subterra Metalfencer (Trap; Pyrus/ Aquos), Gold Twin Destructor (Battle Gear; 90 G)

  • Lumagrowl: I'm rearing to go!

Proctor A (I changed my name from Agent A): Okay wait! Hold on a sec. In the current official rules you are each allowed only two Battle Gear/Traps. So, Kevin you will have take two Battle Gear/Traps off from your team unless James is okay with you using four.

Kevin: ok fixed
James: I'll use the same team I used against Agent A, see above.

Viper Helios: Okay you two, now just set your gate cards and get this started.

Proctor A: James will go first... (thanks Helios)

Kevin: ok GATE CARD SET!

James: Gate card... SET! Bakugan brawl! Pyrus Fencer, stand!! Fencer is on my gate.


Jame's Gate

Pyrus Fencer

(740 G's)

Kevin's Gate


Proctor A: Okay, it is now Kevin's turn.

Helios: I think they already knew that...

Proctor A: I know they know that I am just doing my job Helios.

Helios: Okay, fine.

Proctor A: Guys! I am going to be on vacation the next two days so I can't proctor during that time. So can you put your brawl on hold? If not then you will have to find yourselves a temporary proctor until I come back.

Helios: Sorry for the inconvienece.

Lyke: I can be proctor.

Helios: Sounds good to me!

Agent A: Okay Lyke! See you in two days!

Lyke: Have fun! It's your turn BTW

James: Hey, can anyone update the table on the Brawling Page listing the brawls? Also, my email is!

Kevin: Ok! BAKUGAN BRAWL! HAOS LUMAGROWL STAND! *Lumagrowl lands on James's Gate Card*

Lumagrowl: I am Haos Lumagrowl! Kevin's Haos Guardian!

Kevin: Unlike other battlers, I have 6 Guardians! One of each Attribute!

Pyrus Coredem: I am Kevin's Pyrus Guardian!

Subterra Dharak: And I am Kevin's Subterra Guardian!

Kevin: These 6 Bakugan are my Attribute Guardians:

  • Haos Guardian: Haos Lumagrowl
  • Aquos Guardian: Aquos Helix Dragonoid
  • Ventus Guardian: Ventus Viper Helios
  • Subterra Guardian: Subterra Dharak
  • Pyrus Guardian: Pyrus Coredem
  • Darkus Guardian: Darkus Ingram

James: GATE CARD, OPEN! Stand Off!

Pyrus: 140

Aquos: 80

Subterra: 50

Haos: 80*

Darkus: 60

Ventus: 20

"No ability cards may be played in this battle."

James: Fencer is Pyrus, so 740+140=880. Lumagrowl is Haos, so 770+80=850. No more ability cards can be played in this battle, so the gate card is MINE!"
James; Everyone, I have changed my username to Bakujames.

Kevin: I dont think so! BATTLE GEAR BOOST! TWIN DESTRUCTOR! *Lumagrowl gets +90 G-Power*

Lumagrowl: YES! I believe the Gate Card goes to Kevin!

James; Battle Gear Boost! Battle Turbine. Fencer gets +80 Gs. HAHAHHAHA

Lumagrowl: Fencer can't use Battle Gear!

Kevin: Yeah! He's not a Season 3 Bakugan! The Battle Gear is not compatible!

James: Any Bakugan can use battle gear. They might not be able to connect, though. See

Kevin: !

Lumagrowl: He's right. Fencer, you win this round.

Kevin: so you're saying that my Haos Alpha Hydranoid (Season 2), or my Haos Hynoid (Season 1) can use Battle Gear?

Agent A: Yes Kevin, the official rules say that any Bakugan(regardless of their season) can use Battle Gear.

Kevin's Gate Card


Agent A: That is the status of the current field. The score is 1-0, James is winning. And by the way, thanks Lyke for taking over for a bit. Disneyland was fun!

James: Yeah! Gate Card, set! Pyrus Lumitroid, stand! (PEW PEW PEW) Lumitroid is on Kevin's gate.

James: Hey, proctor! For a card with a power level, is it the player's power level or the field's power level?

Proctor A: Helios... (What is the answer to that question?)

Helios: *whisper,whisper,whisper*

Proctor A: Uh, for a card with power level it is based on the Field's power level.


Kevin's Gate

Pyrus Lumitriod (730 G's; James')


James: I thought I set a gate card?

Dharak: Yes! He set it next to Kevin's! Oh, I am Dharak. I am James' Guardian.

Farakspin: I am James' Aquos Guardian!

Viper Helios: I am James' Subterra Guardian!

Wilda: I am James' Ventus Guardian!

Strikeflier: I am James' Darkus Guardian!

Helix Drago: And I am James' Haos Guardian!

James: We will all be together on Dimensions! Except for you, Helios

James' Helios: Aww...

Proctor A: About setting Gate cards...

Helios: We will get back to you about that, right after Okniwy answers our question.


Helios: Okay, we got the info!

Agent A: James, you can't set a Gate Card at this current time.

James: D'oh! Sub to me!


James: Kevin, make your move...

Dharak: YES! I want to destroy something!

Kevin: *not going to use Subterra Metalfencer, will be using Gold Airkor and Silver Rock Hammer instead* BAKUGAN BRAWL! SUBTERRA DHARAK (620 G) STAND! *lands on my Gate Card with Pyrus Lumitroid*

Subterra Dharak: *rising roar!* I am Subterra Dharak!

Kevin: GATE CARD OPEN! SILVER SWORD! (Silver; Pyrus: 0; Aquos: 50; Subterra: 100; Haos: 200; Darkus: 150 (Highlighted); Ventus: 100; Silver Gear give their printed G-Power an extra time) But that's not all! BATTLE GEAR BOOST! ROCK HAMMER! (60 G x2 due to Silver Sword) ROCK HAMMER ABILITY ACTIVITE!!

Subterra Dharak: VENTUS ABILITY! *move any Battle Gear or Bakugan Trap from an unused pile to it's owner's used pile*


Pyrus Lumitroid

(730 + 0= 730 G's)

Subterra Dharak (620 + 100 + 120= 840 G's)

Agent A: James, you are losing by 90 G's! And...

Helios: Kevin, if you are using Gold AirKor (??? G's) and Silver RockHammer (60 G's), then what about Gold Twin Destructor?

Agent A: Please state your AirKor's G-Power. Also why would you use the Ventus Ability?

Kevin: Traded it back for Rock Hammer and Airkor is 50 G. Both my Battle Gear and my Gate Card is Silver that mean i can use any ability on Rock Hammer's Card.

Proctor A: Oh... James you are losing!

James: Battle Gear Boost! Twin Destructor!!! Now my Lumitroid has 820. My Twin Destructor's Pyrus Ability activates! Flip a coin until you get tails. +50 Gs for each heads. Now, proctor, will you flip the coin?

James: Hey I fixed my account so I am Bakuhorma again! Also, I will be posting a daily signature on my user page.

Kevin: HA! You can't use Twin Destructor because of Rock Hammer's Ventus Ability!

Lumagrowl: That's right! It's in your used pile!

Subterra Dharak: *grins*

Proctor A: James, due to Kevin's Battle Gear's ability your Twin Destructor was sent to the used pile. You are once again losing by 90 G's.

Helios: You still have your Silver Battle Turbine!

James; oh well... I lose that round... heh heh. I save the best for last! HAHAH!!!

James: As I recall, I get my Gears back now that they are both used? Oh well, Gate Card set!! Pyrus Dharak, stand!!

Dharak: Wahaha! Come and get me, Coredem!

Kevin: GATE CARD SET! ABILITY ACTIVITE! RUNO'S THROW! (Red; Play before you roll. You may roll a Bakugan from your used pile this turn (you still only roll one Bakugan this turn). BAKUGAN BRAWL! BAKUGAN STAND! *lands on James's Gate Card*


James: HAHAHAH! I wanted you to play Lumagrowl!! HAHAHAH!! Gate Card.. OPEN!! (Silver) DEEP TAN!






V: 130

So, Dharak 770 + 150 is 920, and Lumagrowl has 940. But... ABILITY CARD ACTIVATE!!!! BOIL!!

"Play against a Haos or Aquos: You get the Gate Bonus one extra time as long as it is not the highest one."

So... Dharak has 1070!!


James' Gate

Pyrus Dharak

(770+150+150= 1070 G's)

Haos Lumagrowl

(770+170=940 G's)

Proctor A: First off, let me clarify something.... Your Battle Gear only return to you, after all your Bakugan, Traps, and Gears have been used. So James, you only are able to use your Silver Battle Turbine.

Helios: Kevin, you are losing by 130 G's. Are you going to do anything?

Kevin: HAHAHAHAHA! ABILITY ACTIVITE! LATE SUNRISE! (Blue; Power Level: 2; Play during a battle on your enemy's Gate: Add G-Power based on attribute; Haos: 200) *Lumagrowl is now at 1140) PLUS! BATTLE GEAR BOOST!

Lumagrowl: AIRKOR! *+50 G; Lumagrowl is now at 1190 G*


Lumagrowl: *Battle Roar!*

James: Oh (BLEEP)

Dharak: *Battle Scream*

James; Oh well.. heh heh heh...

James: Gate Card SET! Meh heh heh.. Ability Activate!! Masquerade's Throw!!! Now you have to put one of your unused abilities in your used pile!

Kevin: Ha! Fine by me I cant use Wash anyway! BAKUGAN BRAWL! PYRUS COREDEM STAND! *lands on my Gate Card*

Coredem: I am Pyrus Coredem!

James: Okay... BAKUGAN.... BRAWL! Fencer, stand!!!! Fencer is on your gate!

Kevin: GATE CARD OPEN! ARANAUT'S TURF! (Gold; P: 100; A: 70; S: 20; H: 200; D: 130; V: 180; The Bakugan with the lowest printed G-Power gets +50 for each point of Power Level)

Coredem: And my G-Power is 610! Mine is lower! *610+100+150= 860 G*


Aranaut's Turf

Pyrus Fencer

(740+100= 840)

Pyrus Coredem

(610+100+150=860 G's)

Proctor A: The Score is currently 2-1 and Kevin is winning. James you are losing by 20 G's.

Helios: Do something!

Kevin: *wolf tail swooshes around and Claws come out* This Battle is bringing my wolf form out! Dont worry Im a good guy I won't hurt anyone!

Coredem: I take it that this battle is exciting Kevin?

Wolf Kevin: You bet Coredem! *scratches ear with foot* Ack! Deadgum fleas!

James: Battle Gear Boost! Twin Destructor! Now Fencer has 930 Gs. BG Ablity activate! Pyrus! Proctor, you know what to do!

Proctor A: Okay, here we go. Don't yell if you don't like the results, it is not my fault it is pure luck! *Flip*Flip*Flip*

Helios: And the results are... Heads, Heads, and Tails!!!!

Proctor A: That is an extra 100 G's!


Aranaut's Turf

Pyrus Fencer

(740+100+90+100=1030 G's)

Pyrus Coredem

(610+100+150=860 G's)

Wolf Kevin: NO! COREDEM!

Coredem: AHHHH!

Wolf Kevin: *Grr!* THAT'S IT! BAKUGAN BRAWL! LUMAGROWL STAND! *lands on my Gate Card*

Lumagrowl: *rising roar!* LET'S WIN THIS KEVIN!

Wolf Kevin: LET'S!

Proctor A: Wait Kevin! Let me make this clear, You surrender the battle on Aranaut's Turf right? If not, you are losing by 170 G's!

Wolf Kevin: Wait! No matter what the result is Coredem already lost!

Lumagrowl: Kevin is right! Coredem lost and Im already on the field!

Helios: Okay then, the score is now 2-1 and Kevin is still winning!

Proctor A: Kevin, you have no Gate Card on the field because the last Battle was on your gate card. You must land on James' Gate Card!

Wolf Kevin: Right! GATE CARD RETURN! *Gate Card rueturns to me and Lumagrowl is now on James's Gate Card*

Lumagrowl: The battle's back on track!


James' Gate

Kevin's Haos Lumagrowl (770 G's)


Proctor A: Okay it is now James turn.

Helios: James, pick your Bakugan, and let the Battle begin!

James; ??? I have 2 gate cards won!

James; In the mean time... BRAWL! Dharak, stand! Dharak is on my card.

Dharak: This is it!! All or nothing, Lumagrowl!

James: Heh.. this brawl is bringing out my dark side too... GRAHHH!! *sprouts dragon wings* *transforms into a wyvern*

Dragon James; AHHH! MUCH BETTER! Hmm.. GATE CARD... OPEN!!!!!! Golden Sword!







So.. Dharak has 870 and Lumagrowl has 830. BATTLE GEAR BOOST! Battle Turbine! Ability Card Activate! Copper Boost! I get +180 total. So now Dharak has 1050. Also... I PLAY BOIL!! Now another 100 Gs for Dharak.. for a grand total of 1150! Meheheh!


Lumagrowl: AIRKOR! (Lumagrowl gets +100 G due to Gold Sword's effect and Lumagrowl is now at 930 G)


Lumagrowl: VENTUS ABILITY! (If your opponent plays an Ability Card, flip a coin. If heads, that Card has no effect)

Wolf Kevin: And did you already play Boil?

Proctor A: Okay, for the coin toss.

Helios: Here we go!

Proctor A: And the result is... Heads!

Helios: Boil's effect is canceled! (You can't play it any more)


Golden Sword

Pyrus Dharak

(770 + 100= 870 G's)

Haos Lumagrowl

(770 + 50 + 100 = 920 G's)

Proctor A: James, you are losing by 50 G's!

Helios: Come on Dharak you might turn this around! GO Lumagrowl!

Wolf Kevin: HAHA!

Coredem: Who are you rooting for Helios?




Lumagrowl: YOU GOT IT KEVIN!


Wolf Kevin: GO! NINE-TAILED STRIKE! (not an Ability Card, made this attack up, it suits Lumagrowl cuz he's a Nine-tailed fox)

Lumagrowl: *charges at Dharak at blinding speed* THIS BATTLE IS OVER! *BATTLE ROAR!*


Dragon James: BATTLE GEAR BOOST! AGAIN!!! TWIN DESTRUCTOR! Now Dharak gets +180 because TD is doubled from the gate!!!

DragonJames: Dharak has way more Gs then Lumagrowl right now.

770 (base)+ 100 (gate)+ 100 (copper boost)+80 (battle turbine)+ 180= 1230!!!!


Dharak: YOU GOT IT! *readies attack* ALPHA QUASAR BURST! *shoots giant red beam at Lumagrowl*

James; *morphs back* Now, Kevin, it is OVER.

Lumagrowl: NOOOOOO!

Wolf Kevin: LUMAGROWl! *falls to my knees* I lost...again.

James; Good game, man!! That was great!

Dharak: You put up a good fight, Lumagrowl.

Proctor A: Okay I, as proctor, announce James/ BakuHorma, as the Winner of this match!

Helios: *clap**clap**clap**clap**clap**clap**clap*

Proctor A: There will be no further edits to this Battle!

Fusion Arceus VS BlocksatEdit

Fusion Arceus: You ready?

Blocksat:i need to finish my battle with lyke.

Lyke: Then do so. Although I am brawling in 3 different brawls, so I guess you can start...but please make a move on our battle first.

Lomar VS Lyke Edit

Lomar: Are you ready, Lyke! My team is Haos Lumagrowl 770Gs, Haos Avior 740Gs, Haos Clawsuarus 740Gs, Haos Metalfencer, and Bronze Battle Turbine 70Gs.

James: Hey could I proctor?

Lumagrowl: Come on Lyke! *growling* Hurry Up!

James: Hey Lyke! Have you talked to Benji about our Tag match?

Lyke: Yeah, but he seems to be in no hurry. Mine team is Aquos Farakspin & Coredem, plus Hyperdragonoid & Copper Vilantor Gear. All Bakugan is at 740G and gear is 90

Lyke: I have to go watch a movie...for xtra credit for if you're online you may go first.

Lyke's Gate


Lomar's Gate


Lomar: Gate card set! Bakugan Brawl! Haos Clawsaurus Stand! *Clawsaurus is on lyke's card*

Lyke: Farakspin go!

Farakspin: Spinspinspinspin!

Lyke: And battle ensues! Gate card open! Whrilpool!

Lyke's Gate


Haos Clawsaurus vs Aquos Farakspin

Pyrus 90
Aquos 200
Subterra 70
Haos* 110
Darkus 50
Ventus 50
Clawsaurus 850
Farakspin 940

Lomar's Gate


Lomar: which bonus is the highlighted one?

Lyke: The Haos one haha

Lomar: Then I play Light Mana! (Haos:120 Ventus:50 Play during a battle. Your bakugan gains g-power based on its attribute. If you bakugan matches the highlighted Gate Attribute, it gets this card's bonus an additional time) So my Clawsaurus has 1090Gs! Who's laughing now!

Lumagrowl: Thats right! You tell them, Lomar!

Lyke: I give up! You win! But activate ability card flowing waters! "Play when you lose a battle with an Aquos Bakugan. You may swap any bakugan and gate card from your unsed pile to your used pile" I place all my bakugan and gate cards in my used pile!

Results: You: one gate card. Me: Two. When it's my turn again all bakugan in my used pile will be placed in my unused pile because I have none left. It's your turn.

Lomar: Let's do this! Bakugan Brawl! Haos Avior stand! *Haos Avior is on my card*

James: Lyke, you can not play any gate cards now!!

Lyke: Then we battle. Hyper Dragonoid roll! Bakugan stand! Battle's on!

Lomar: Gate card open! Drag! Pyrus:150 Aqous:50 Subterra:100 Haos:*90 Darkus:130 Ventus:20 (The player with the most gate cards in their used pile may not play Ability cards. If tied both players may not play ability cards.

Lumagrowl: Looks like you are out of luck!

Lomar:Yeah, you can't play any Ability cards!

Lyke: Alright, are you playing?

Lyke: I strongly recommend that you do. If I win this one, I win.

Lomar: Battle Gear Boost! Bronze Battle Turbine! Battle Gear abillity activate! Subterra ability (All Gate attribute bonuses are doubled) So now I have 1060Gs (740+180+140)!

Lyke: Then I play MY battle gear! Copper Vilantor Gear, Aquos ability activate! I can switch the current gate with one in YOUR used pile. I choose Whrilpool! *Mehahahahah!*

Avior (740 + 220 + 70 = ) 1030! (Assuming Battle Turbine's ability is still active)

HD (740 + 400 + 90 = ) 1230!

You have 2 more ability cards to play.

Lomar: Actually lyke, you only have 1050Gs because in the Gundalian Invaders rulebook it states (in the additional rules section, second question and answer) Question: What attribute is a clear bakugan? Answer:It's attribute is the same as their opponents bakugan in this battle.

Lumagrowl: So, Hyper Dragonoid is actually Haos!

Lomar: And I'm not done yet, Ability card activate! Boil! (Play during abattle against a Haos or Aqous bakugan. You get the gate bonus one extra time as long as that gate bonus is no the highest)

Lumagrowl: So, Avior has 1250Gs!

Avior (740+440+70) 1250Gs!

HD (740+220+90) 1050Gs!

James: If I may interject, Whirlpool was in your used pile, Lyke.

Lomar: Actually James, it wasn't because I won Whirlpool.

James: Whoopsies!

Lyke: You may still play your 2 ability cards, but since the gate card's swapped, I can too. The score is still 2-1.

Lyke: Avior gets the gate bonus ONE extra time, so 110 * 3 = 330. 1140 is Avior's G power.

Lyke: Ability card activate! Graveyard Candle! My bakugan gets G-power based on the bakugan in YOUR used pile. Your Clawsaurus is Haos, and therfore, +200 G power! HD is at (740+220+200+90=1250).

Lomar: No my Avior has 1250Gs because all gate bonuses are DOUBLED PERMANTLY! so the actual gate bonus is 220! 220*2=440.

Lyke: oh whoops! Ok so our Bakugan are tied!

Lomar: I can't play any ability cards, so this battle ends in a tie, which means no one won this gate card and the score is 1-2 (you are wining). Okay Gate card set! Let's do this Lumagrowl!

Lumagrowl: Yes we shall!

Lomar: Bakugan Brawl! Lumagrowl you missed the card!

Lumagrowl: Sorry!

Lomar:It's okay, we'll land on the card next turn

Lumagrowl:It's your turn, Lyke

Lyke: Rolling Coredem! Fight begins!

James: Hey, Lyke, did you see Terrorcrest??? IT"S AWESOME

Lyke: Aw, yeah!

James: "There is no blue gear... EVER," WRONG!

Lyke: Actually element doesn't matter on a gear. But Benji want me to use aquos trap and battle gear exclusively when battling for his team. At least I know what I want to get now. Lomar: Ability card activate! Dan's throw! (Play before you roll. If this roll results in a battle, you may take one of your ability cards from your used pile.) Bakugan Brawl! Haos Lumagrowl stand!

Lumagrowl: Roar!!!!!

Lomar: And since this roll resulted in a battle, I take back the ability card, Light Mana! Gate card open! Baked Soil! Pyrus:80 Aqous:120 Subterra:140 Haos:180* Darkus:50 Ventus:30

Lomar: And That's not all! Ability card activate! Light Mana! (look above for info) now my Lumagrowl get 240 more Gs!

Lumagrowl: Bring it on, Coredem!

Coredem: Nahh, I rather not.

Lyke: C'mon, Coredem. Remember we still have a gear left?

Coredem: hmmm...and our secret weapon too...Lomar is out of ability cards & we still have 1 left...

Lyke: Alright! Let's go. Lomar, I challenge you to use your final ace...your bakugan trap!

Lomar: What Gear? You only put one gear on your team! That is why I didn't use my bakugan trap, I thought we were playing 3 bakugan and 1 trap/gear

Ether way I'm still wining by 330 more Gs! So you may go.

Lumagrowl: Come'on , let's brawl! I've been dying for some action!

Lyke: Oh, OK. Seeing as I can't use my gear I'll let you win. You get to set a gate card. The score is now 2-2

Lomar's gate

Haos lumagrowl (1190Gs) VS

Aqous Coredem (860Gs)

Lomar: Since I have all my bakugan and battle gear in my used pile, I get them all back! Gate card set! Bakugan Brawl! Haos Lumagrowl stand!

Lumagrowl: I'm ready to brawl!

Lyke: Wait. I need to clear something up with James. If the battle results in a tie, does the contested gate card stays on the field?If so, Lomar shouldn't be able to play baked soil at all.

Lomar: Actually, Lyke I think I win this brawl because In the Gundalian Invaders rulebook, in the section Battle! (continued), It states that in the event of a tie, the battle is won by the first bakugan that stood on the gate card, and if I recall Haos Avior was the first to stand on Drag/Whirlpool.

Lumagrowl: So that means the score would be 3-2 and we would win!

Lyke: I though it would just be a tie, so that's why I saved my ability card...but if you want the win that bad then it's OK too.

Lomar: So, I win the brawl, right? (PS. lyke I'm not trying to sound desperate, I'm just making sure that we play by the rules)

Lyke: Sure. The score is 2-3.

Lomar's gate

Haos Lumagrowl (770Gs)

Hikari Okami VS Viper Ace Edit

Hikari Okami: I will use my Big Battle Team: Haos Lumagrowl (Haos Guardian; 770 G), Ventus Viper Helios (Ventus Guardian; 660 G), Darkus Ingram (Darkus Guardian; 510 G), Pyrus Coredem (Pyrus Guardian; 610 G), Aquos Helix Dragonoid (Aquos Guardian; 760 G), Subterra Dharak (Subterra Guardian; 620 G), Gold Jetkor (Battle Gear; 70 G), Silver Rock Hammer (Batter Gear; 60 G), Copper Battle Turbine (Battle Gear; 70 G),and Gold Twin Destructor (Battle Gear; 90 G).

Agent A: Okay I will be using my:

  1. Haos Helios (740 G's; Guardian)
  2. Darkus Dharak (750 G's)
  3. Haos Helix Dragonoid (710 G's)
  4. Darkus Dual Hydranoid (650 G's; Transclucent)
  5. Darkus Hydranoid (500 G's; Transclucent)
  6. Pyrus Turbine Dragonoid (710 G's)
  7. Haos Metal Fencer
  8. Twin Destructor (90 G's; Gold)
  9. AirKor (50 G's; Gold)
  10. JetKor (60 G's; Copper)

Hikari Okami: *has Gate Card ready* Ready when you are!

James: Excuse me, but we havent even started our brawl, A.

Hikari Okami: ok well Agent A and James go ahead with yalls battle Ill train more

James: We are still waiting for Benji to start the brawl though, so it's fine.

Hikari Okami: OK

Abce2: So, this is where everyone goes...

Lyke: Yep. This is where I get most of my email notifications from. I spent sometime in Fanon, but I haven't have any specific requests there yet.

Agent A: James and I don't have a proctor, so can I just start this Brawl?

Hikari Okami: Ok lets go!

Agent A: Here we go, Gate Card Set!!!!

Hikari Okami: GATE CARD SET! I'll start first! ABILITY ACTIVITE! DOOM WIND START! (Play at the start of your first turn, if you have both Darkus and Ventus in your force: Take another turn after this one.) BAKUGAN BRAWL! AQUOS HELIX DRAGONOID STAND! *Aquos Helix Dragonoid lands on Agent A's Gate Card* Now for my second turn! BAKUGAN BRAWL! PYRUS COREDEM STAND! *Pyrus Coredem lands on my Gate Card*

Agent A: Hehhehheh, Bakugan Brawl... Darkus Dharak, Stand! *Dharak landed on Agent A's Gate Card*. Rise, Darkus Dharak! Now here we go, Gate Card open! Dark Tunnel: (Bronze; Pyrus: 120; Aquos: 180 Highlighted; Subterra: 160; Haos: 80; Darkus: 220; Ventus: 140; Players can't play Blue or Green Ability cards.)


Aquos Helix Dragonoid: TWIN DESTRUCTOR! (+90 G; Aquos Helix Dragonoid now at 1030 G)

Agent A: Oh yeah, take this! Battle Gear boost!

Helios: Muhahahahaha, feast your eyes on our, TWIN DESTRUCTOR (+90 G's; Gold)


Dark Tunnel

Aquos Helix Dragonoid

(760 + 180 + 90= 1030 G's)

Darkus Dharak

(750 + 220 + 90= 1060 G's)

Hikari Okami: Grrr! You won this round! However; BAKUGAN BRAWL! VENTUS VIPER HELIOS STAND! *Ventus Viper Helios lands on my Gate Card with Pyrus Coredem*

Ventus Viper Helios: YEAH!

Pyrus Coredem: DOUBLE STAND!

Hikari Okami: YEAH! The score is now 1-1!

Agent A: Round 2! Let's go! Gate Card set! Bakugan Brawl, Turbine Dragonoid Stand! *Turbine Dragonoid stands on Agent A's Gate Card* Your move, Kevin!

Hikari Okami: GATE CARD SET! BAKUGAN BRAWL! HAOS LUMAGROWL STAND! *Lumagrowl lands on my Gate Card*

Lumagrowl: *rising roar!* I'M READY FOR BATTLE!

Helios: Okay, Agent, lets do this!

Agent A: Not yet Helios, you have to be patient... Bakugan Brawl! Haos Helix Dragonoid Stand! *Haos Helix Dragonoid stood on Kevin's Gate*

Hikari Okami: GATE CARD OPEN! SILVER SWORD! Silver; Pyrus: 0; Aquos: 50; Subterra: 100; Haos: 200; Darkus: 150 (Highlighted); Ventus: 100; Silver Gear give their printed G-Power an extra time) But that's not all! BATTLE GEAR BOOST! ROCK HAMMER! (60 G x2 due to Silver Sword) ROCK HAMMER ABILITY ACTIVITE!!

Lumagrowl: VENTUS ABILITY! *move any Battle Gear or Bakugan Trap from an unused pile to it's owner's used pile*

Hikari Okami: And I'm sending your Copper Jetkor to your used Pile!


Silver Sword

Haos Lumagrowl

(770 + 200 + 120= 1090 G's)

Haos Helix Dragonoid

(710 + 200= 910 G's)

Agent A: Okay, you got me, I lost that round...

Helix Drago: Awwwwwwww...

Agent A: Your turn, Kevin.


Darkus Ingram: I am Darkus Ingram!

Agent A: Okay, Gate Card, OPEN! Fire Pit!!!!! (Silver; Pyrus: 140; Aquos: 120; Subterra: 80 Highlighted; Haos: 20; Darkus: 20; Ventus: 60)


Fire Pit

Pyrus Turbine Dragonoid

(710 + 140= 850 G's)

Darkus Ingram

(510 + 20= 530 G's)

Turbine Drago: RROOOOAAAARRRRRR!!!! Get ready to go down Ingram!

Agent A: You are losing by 320 G's.

Hikari Okami: NO! INGRAM!

Ingram: I'm sorry, Hikari!


Dharak: *rising roar*

Agent A: Oh yeah? Gate Card set... Bakugan BRAWL!!!! Bakugan STAND, Rise Helios! *Haos Helios stands on Agent A's Gate Card*


Hikari Okami: ABILITY ACTIVITE! COREDEM! (Green; Power Level: 4; Play before you roll a Coredem: Double your Coredem's printed G-Power in battle(s) this turn) BAKUGAN BRAWL! PYRUS COREDEM STAND! *lands on Agent A's Gate Card*

Coredem: I WILL TAKE YOU DOWN HELIOS! *Coredem is at 1220 G*

Agent A: Holy Cow! Helios are you sure you can take this?

Helios: I think...

Agent A: Oh darn, Gate Card open. Whiplash: (Silver; 20 Pyrus; 30 Aquos; 10 Subterra; 60 Haos; 50 Darkus; 40 Ventus; The loser of this Battle may plaace one of his unused Bakugan on any Gate card remaining on the Field)

Battle Whiplash

Haos Viper Helios

(740 + 60= 800 G's)

Pyrus Coredem

(1220 + 20= 1240 G's)

Helios: Arrrrggghhhh!

Agent A: No, you win that battle...

Helios: I will return!!!!!

Agent A: The score is now: 3-2 and Kevin is winning... But I get to place any Bakugan I want on your Gate Card! Go Dual Hydranoid Defeat that Dharak!!!!

Dual Hydranoid(Head 1): We will not fail you massssster.

Dual Hydranoid (2): Are you ready Dharak?

Dharak: Always ready Hydra! HIKARI!

Hikari Okami: ON IT! GATE CARD OPEN! CU PLATEAU! (Copper; Pyrus: 150; Aquos: 170; Subterra: 0; Haos: 80; Darkus: 100 (Highlighted); Ventus: 20; Silver and Gold Gear can't be played)

Dharak: Hikari! The Battle Gear!

Hikari Okami: I'm getting to that! BATTLE GEAR BOOST!

Dharak: BATTLE TURBINE! (Dharak now at 690 G)

Hikari Okami: And just to be on the safe side, I will use the Haos Ability! (If you lose this battle by more than 100, move an Ability Card from your used pile to your unused pile)


CU Plateau

Subterra Dharak

(620 + 80 +70= 770 G's)

Darkus Dual Hydranoid

(650 + 100= 750 G's)

Agent A: Heh, okay, you win that one too Kevin...

Dual Hydranoid: Time to save up our abilities...

Agent A: Lets go Helios! Bakugan Form CHANGE!



Viper Ace: Let's get this started... The score is now 4-2, and I still have 6 abilites to use and Kevin has 5 Abilities to use... Lets go! Gate Card Set!

Lomar: Sorry to intrude, but if your Dharak is Subterra shouldn't Dharak have 690Gs because Dharak get's 0 for the gate bonus.

.*Record Scratch*...

Viper Ace: Uh, redo!

Dual Hydranoid(1): Yes, Another chance to prove ourselves!

Helios: Good catch Lomar, thanks!


CU Plateau

Subterra Dharak

(620 + 70= 690 G's)

Darkus Dual Hydranoid

(650 + 100= 750 G's)

Viper Ace: Okay, now I am actually wining by 60 G's thanks to Lomars discovery. My mistake. Kevin you are losing by 60 G's!

Hikari Okami: *thinking: Crap! I was hoping that he would his Copper Battle Turbine!* Ok. Now the score is 3-3. LET'S GO! GATE CARD SET! BAKUGAN BRAWL! DARKUS INGRAM STAND! *lands on my Gate Card*

Ingram: I'm baaack!

Hikari Okami: Your move! And btw I have 4 Ability Cards left.

Viper Ace: Okay then, Gate Card set! Bakugan Brawl! Hydranoid, STAND! *Hydra lands on my gate card*

Hydranoid: "I feed off the energy of the Bakugan I defeat in battle"... RROOAAARRR!!!!


Lumagrowl: *mighty roar* LET'S WIN THIS HIKARI!

Viper Ace: Ha! Just what we were hoping for your stongest Bakugan!

Hydranoid: Get ready to go down Lumagrowl!

Viper Ace: Gate Card Open! Windy Beach (Copper; Pyrus: 120; Aquos: 60; Subterra: 140; Haos: 80; Darkus: 90 (Highlighted); Ventus: 30; The owner of this card chooses two Bakugan at this battle. Those two Bakugan have their printed G-Power swapped.)

Viper Ace: And I choose, Lumagrowl and Hydranoid! *G-Power swapped*


Windy Beach

Darkus Hydranoid

(770 + 90= 860 G's)

Haos Lumagrowl

(500 + 80= 580 G's)

Viper Ace: Kevin you are now losing by 280 G's!

Hikari Okami: Heh! Not anymore! DOUBLE ABILITY ACTIVITE! LATE SUNRISE (Blue; Power Level: 2; Play during a battle on your enemy's Gate: Add G-Power based on Attribute; Haos: 200) PLUS POWER TRIANGLE! (Blue; Play during battle. Your Pyrus, Aquos, and Haos Bakugan gets +50 G-Power for each Bakugan in unused pile and the unused pile of your opponent in this battle.) BUT THAT'S NOT ALL! BATTLE GEAR BOOST!

Lumagrowl: JETKOR! (Lumagrowl now at 1000 G) ROAR!


Windy Beach

Darkus Hydranoid

(770 + 90= 860 G's)

Haos Lumagrowl

(500 + 80 + 200 + 250= 1030 G's)

Viper Ace: Oh, darn. You win! The score is now 4-3. I still have all 6 Abilities and you only have 2 Abilities. Yes, I regain all my Bakugan!

Hikari Okami: Ok and it's your turn!

Viper Ace: Lets go again Hydranoid! Bakugan BRAWL! *Hydranoid stood on your gate card*

Hikari Okami: GATE CARD OPEN! VR ARENA #2! (Silver; Pyrus: 180; Aquos: 130; Subterra: 150; Haos: 200; Darkus: 50; Ventus: 150 (Highlighted))

Ingram: Let's do this Hydranoid!

Battle VR Arena #2

Darkus Hydranoid

(500 + 50= 550 G's)

Haos Lumagrowl

(510 + 50= 560 G's)

Viper Ace: Heh, lets do this Hydranoid!

Hydranoid: Yes Master!

Viper Ace: Ability Card ACTIVATE! Chaos of the Darkness: Play during a battle on one of your opponent's Gate cards. Your Bakugan gains G-Power based on its Attribute. (Darkus: 140; Haos: 60)

Battle VR Arena #2

Darkus Hydranoid

(500 + 50 + 140= 690 G's)

Darkus Ingram

(510 + 50= 560 G's)

Hikari Okami: INGRAM!

Ingram: I failed again...

Hikari Okami: OK the score is 4-4. GATE CARD SET! BAKUGAN BRAWL! PYRUS COREDEM STAND! *lands on my Gate Card*

Coredem: I shall avenge Ingram!

Ingram: No...need Coredem.

Hikari Okami: What's wrong Ingram?

Ingram: I failed you twice in this Brawl. I have brought dishonor to you and the title of Darkus Guardian. You do not deserve a useless Bakugan like me as yuor Darkus Guardian.

Hikari: You're not useless Ingram. You're my Bakugan.

Ingram: Thank you Hikari; however, I shall withdraw myself from battle and give the title of Darkus Guardian to Darkus Mega Brontes.

Hikari: Ok Ingram, I understand.

Ingram: Farewell friend. *goes back to my collection and Darkus Mega Brontes (660 G) appears*

Darkus Mega Brontes: I am Darkus Mega Brontes, Hikari's new Darkus Guardian!

Viper Ace: Okay, lets do this, Gate Card SET! Bakugan Brawl! Go Turbine Dragonoid! STAND! *Turbine Dragonoid stood on Kevin's Gate*

Turbine Dragonoid: I will not lose! RRROOOOAAARRRR

Hikari: GATE CARD OPEN! ARANAUT'S TURF! (Gold; Pyrus: 100; Aquos: 70; Subterra: 20; Haos: 200; Darkus: 130; Ventus: 180; The Bakugan with the lowest printed G-Power gets +50 for each point of Power Level) And the Power Level is 8! That's +400 G!

Coredem: And it's all mine! (Coredem is at 1110 G)


Aranaut's Turf

Pyrus Coredem

(610 + 400 + 100=1110 G's)

Turbine Dragonoid

(710 + 100= 810 G's)

Turbine Dragonoid: *Mouth Drops*

Viper Ace: Oh no, I lose. Good job... Your turn.

Hikari: Heh! The score is 5-4! BAKUGAN BRAWL! AQUOS HELIX DRAGONOID STAND! *lands on Viper Ace's Gate Card*

Helix Dragonoid: *mighty roar*

Viper Ace: I can't lose! Ability Card Activate! Masquerade's Throw: Play before you roll. Your opponent must put one of his unplayed ability cards in his used pile. (That card has no effect.) And also Flash Lance: Play before you roll a Haos Bakugan: If there is a battle this turn, the Bakugan with the lowest printed G-Power gets +100 G's.

Bakugan Brawl! Haos Helix Dragonoid STAND! *Helix Dragonoid stood on Viper Ace's Gate* Gate Card Open! Lift: (Copper; Pyrus: 70; Aquos: 170; Subterra: 120; Haos: 130; Darkus: 90; Ventus: 200; The player with the most Gate Cards in their used pile may not play any Abilities)

Haos Helix Drago: Greetings brother, as well as FARWELL!

Battle Lift

Aquos Helix Dragonoid

(760 + 170=930 G's)

Haos Helix Dragonoid

(710 + 130 + 100=940 G's)

Hikari: DRAGO!

Helix Dragonoid: I'm sorry Hikari.

Hikari: GATE CARD SET! ABILITY ACTIVITE! RUNO'S THROW! (Red; play before you roll. You may roll a Bakugan from your used pile this turn. (you still only one Bakugan this turn) BAKUGAN BRAWL! BAKUGAN STAND! *lands on my Gate Card* COME FORTH! HAOS LUMAGROWL!


Viper Ace: Oh yeah? Bakugan Brawl! Bakugan stand! *Haos Viper Helios stands on Agent A's Gate Card* Rise, Helios!

Helios: RRROOOOAAAAARRRRR!!!!!! Don't worry Agent A! I will win this!

Viper Ace: There is no double standing right? 0_o;

Hikari: Yes, Double Stands are allowed. BAKUGAN BRAWL! RISE VENTUS VIPER HELIOS! *lands on my Gate Card*

Helios: YES!


Hikari: YES! WE DID IT! 6-5! *walks over to you and holds out hand* That was a great battle and you did awesome!

Viper Ace: Wait! Could I, maybe take back my move... I didn't know that you could double stand...

Helios: Give me a shot at Lumagrowl!

Hikari: Hmm... ok, let's do it! HELIOS!

Helios: Sir! *returns to me*

Hikari: Lumagrowl will remain on my Gate Card.

Viper Ace: Thanks!

Helios: Thankyou!

Viper Ace: Okay lets do it Helios! Bakugan Brawl! Bakugan Stand! *Helios stood on Kevin's Gate Card* Rise, Haos Viper Helios!

Helios: RRROOOAAAARRRR! Let's do this Lumagrowl!!!!!!

Hikari: GATE CARD OPEN! ENERGIZE! (Gold; Pyrus: 100, Aquos: 90, Subterra: 0, Haos 210 Highlighted, Darkus: 140, Ventus: 50) with this Gate Card, At the start of the battle, any player with more Ability Cards than Gate Cards in their used pile moves one Ability Card from their used pile to their unused pile. And so I regain POWER TRIANGLE! (Blue; Play during battle. Your Pyrus, Aquos, and Haos Bakugan gets +50 G-Power for each Bakugan in unused pile and the unused pile of your opponent in this battle.)

Lumagrowl: I get +200 G! (Lumagrowl is now at 1180 G)

Viper Ace: That's not going to help... >=) Are you ready Helios?

Helios: Lets do it master. >=D

Viper Ace: Ability Cards Activate! See the light: Play during a battle where you have a Haos Bakugan. Your Bakugan gets +50 G-Power for each Gate card your opponent has in his used pile. (+ 250)

and, LightWind Color Shift: Play during a battle on one of your opponent's Gate cards. Your Haos or Ventus Bakugan gains G-Power equal to the Gate card's highlighted Bonus. (+ 210)

Helios: I can feel the power surging through me! >=D

Viper Ace: There's more to it! Battle Gears BOOST! Go Twin Destructor, AirKor, and JetKor! (+90 + 50 + 60)



Haos Lumagrowl

(770 + 210 + 200= 1180 G's)

Haos Viper Helios

(740 + 210 + 210 + 250 + 50 + 90 + 60=1610 G's)

Viper Ace: How do like that?

Hikari: You can not use more than 1 Battle Gear! And you already used Twin Destructor and I sent your Jetkor to your used pile with my Rock Hammer's Ventus Ability! You must use ALL of your Battle Gear and Trap Bakugan BEFORE you move them back to your unused pile along with all your used Bakugan!

  • Record Scratch*

Viper Ace: 0_o;

Viper Ace: Uh, okay. I only use AirKor then.... sorry....

Helios: You should read the rules again A.

Viper Ace: That calls for a recalculation!



Haos Lumagrowl

(770 + 210 + 200= 1180 G's)

Haos Viper Helios

(740 + 210 + 210 + 250 + 50=1460 G's)


Lumagrowl: AHHHHHHHH!

Hikari: *falls to knees* I-I lost again......

Lumagrowl: Hikari?

Viper A'ce: No...


Agent A: Wait, I think that technically we can say it was a draw...

Helios: Yes, because you see, you did win but then gave one shot at it... It could be considered a tie if you want...

Hikari: *gets up* Ok. Sounds cool to me

Kevin VS Agent A: Show Brawl!!!!! Edit

(Will start after their other Brawl)

Hikari: I'm going to use Haos Lumagrowl (770 G) and Battle Turbine (70 G).

Agent A: Let's go Helios!

Helios: Yes sir!

Agent A: I will use Haos Viper Helios(740 G's) and Twin Destructor (90 G's; Gold)!

Proctor okniwy: "Okay then, let's see if this works. As this is the first brawl of this kind here, I must inform the participants that they should take note of the rules."

Agent A: Okniwy told me to keep the role playing to a minimum!

Kevin: Ooook but it makes the brawls more fun and interesting, oh and btw my name is now Hikari Okami in brawls.

Agent A: Let's get this started! >=D


Agent A: ... GAUNTLET POWER STRIKE! (Do you have a gauntlet? I don't)

Hikari: Yeah. Btw You go first since you challenged me.

Agent A: Okay, Gate Card Set. Bakugan Brawl! *Viper Helios Stood on Agent A's Gate* Rise, Haos Viper Helios!!!!!!!



Lumagrowl: *rising roar* LET'S DO THIS HELIOS! Agent A: Gate Card Open! Golden Sword! (Gold; 100 Pyrus Highlighted; 80 Aquos; 150 Subterra; 50 Haos; 60 Darkus; 150 Ventus; Gold Gear give their printed G-Power 2 times)

Helios: RRROOOAAARRR! Come, Battle Gear!

Agent A: Battle Gear BOOST! Go TwinDestructor!


Golden Sword

Haos Viper Helios

(740 + 50 + 90 +90= 970 G's)

Haos Lumagrowl

(770 + 50= 820 G's)

Benji VS Agent A: Show BrawlEdit

James: Sorry if I'm being rude, but Lomar and I asked to brawl Benji and Lyke a month or two ago. This might sound rude as well, but you've been in a lot of brawls, A. Why don't you take a break.

Agent A: Maybe, a break would be good.... We'll let Benji decide!

Lyke: Don't worry, I'm in no hurry :)

Benji: Thanks Lyke. I am sorry to Lomar. But Show brawls are only one round. Reserve a spot, after this I will brawl Lomar...But for now, Gate Card Set! Bakugan brawl! Subterra Jamello Stand!

Agent A: Okay, time for a test run! Helios MK2, are you ready?

Helios MK2: Always!

Agent A: Bakugan Brawl! Bakugan STAND! Rise HELIOS MK2!!!

Jamello: *Roars and starts to sing. Talks:* Come and get me Helios!

Benji: Okay, Jamello! Gate Card Open! Singing Sensation! (Pyrus:30Gs,Haos:50Gs,Aquos:100Gs,Subterra:150Gs,Ventus:170Gs,Darkus:100Gs. All Jamello Bakugan Get +300Gs.

Clayf: Yeah New kid!

Snapzoid: Good for a newbie.

Rock River: Yes, Yes.

Benji: Enough talk guys!

Jamello: I now have 1290Gs!, Care to counter act?

Clayf: They wont win!

Rock River: Benji, Do this to help Jamello! *whispers*

Benji: Okay Rock River! *nods*


Singing Sensation

Subterra Jamello

(840 + 150 + 300= 1290 G's)

Haos Helios MK2

(820 + 50= 870 G's)

Helios: We're in trouble AA!

Agent A: Oh darn, what can I do?...

George: Griffons are delicious!

Martha: Not helping George...

Agent A:... I'll pass for now... At least I won't die...

Agent A VS Namxof (Normal Brawl) Edit

Agent A: Okay, lets do this Namxof. I will use a:

  1. Haos Viper Helios (740 G's)
  2. Darkus Dharak (750 G's)
  3. Haos Helix Dragonoid (710 G's)
  4. Twin Destructor (90 G's; Gold)
  5. AirKor (60 G's; Copper)

Namxof: Okay, I'll use the following Bakugan:

  1. Ventus Dual Hydranoid (540 G's)
  2. AirKor (70 G's; Silver)
  3. Subterra Diablo (480 G's)
  4. Rock Hammer (70 G's; Copper)
  5. Darkus Laserman (350 G's)

Agent A: Let's go, FIELD OPEN!!!!!!

Namxof: I'll go first. Gate card set!

Namxof: Bakugan Brawl! Laserman stand! (On my Gate Card.) Your turn.

Agent A: ...I see... I will let you win this round, Bakugan Brawl, Helix Dragonoid Stand. *Helix Dragonoid Stood on Namxof's Gate Card*



Darkus Laserman

(350 G's)

Haos Helix Dragonoid

(710 G's)

Namxof: hahaha! Gate card open! Peacemaker!

(The winner of this battle, when peacemaker is active, is decided by the g's on the card. I win because the darkus bakugan goes to 300 g's and yours goes to -50 g's.)

Namxof: I end. Your turn.

Agent A: Okay, Lets Go Helios.

Helios: Yes master...

Agent A: Bakugan Brawl! Helios Stand. *Haos Viper Helios stood on Agent A's Gate card.* Rise Haos Helios!!!!!

Helios: RRAAAWWWWRRRR, I will not lose!

Namxof: Bakugan brawl! Diablo stand! (On Agent A's gate card.) Battle!

Agent A: Gate Card OPEN! Lift: (Copper; Pyrus: 70; Aquos: 170; Subterra: 120; Haos: 130; Darkus: 90; Ventus: 200; The player with the most Gate Cards in their used pile may not play any Abilities)



Haos Viper Helios

(740 + 130= 870 G's)

Subterra Diablo Preyas

(480 + 120= 600 G's)

Agent A: Take that! You can't play any abilities!

Helios: Here it comes Diablo! RRROOOOAAAARRR!!!

Namxof: Gate card set! Bakugan brawl! Dual Hydranoid stand! (On my Gate card.)

Hydranoid: This will be over quickly.

Cyber Computer: The score is now 1-1.

Agent A: Gate Card set Bakugan Brawl! Bakugan stand! *Darkus Dharak stood on Agent A's Gate Card* Go Dharak!

Dharak: GRAAHHHH! It's been a while, since I have been out!


Namxof's Gate

(Ventus Dual Hydranoid)

Agent A's Gate

(Darkus Dharak)


Namxof: I though you would do that. Ablity card active! Attractor! (This card can move a bakugan to a different gate card.)

Hydranoid: Come bakugan; ccome to your doom!

Namxof: Gate Card open! Triple Battle! Bakugan Brawl! Laserman stand!


Triple Battle

Ventus Dual Hydranoid

(540 + 300= 840 G's)

Darkus Dharak

(750 + 100= 850 G's)

Darkus Laserman

(350 + 100= 450 G's)

Namxof: Go AirKor! Go to D.H


Triple Battle

Ventus Dual Hydranoid

(540 + 300 + 90 + 450= 1380 G's)

Darkus Dharak

(750 + 100= 850 G's)

Agent A: Nice one! I lose, sorry Dharak!

Agent A: Your turn again! Namxof!

Namxof: Ok. Bakugan Brawl! Diablo stand! (On your gate card.)

Agent A: Okay, Bakugan Brawl Haos Helix Dragonoid STAND!

Helix Dragonoid: I will not lose this time! RAWR!

Agent A: Gate Card OPEN! Ocean Spray!!!!!!! (Silver; 40 Pyrus; 150 Aquos; 20 Subterra; 140 Haos; 100 Darkus(Highlighted); 180 Ventus)


Ocean Spray

Subterra Diablo Preyas

(500 + 70 + 160= 730 G's)

Haos Helix Dragonoid

(710 + 60= 770 G's)

Namxof: Perfect! Go AirKor! I activate his ability when eqipped to a subterra bakugan. If my enemy's gate card boost is higher than 100, then it gets no boost.

ability card active! Legends of Earth Adds 160 g's to diablo. I win!

Agent A: Battle Gear Boost! Go AirKor!!!!!!!!!

Agent A: Surrender!!!! >=)

Namxof: Never! Let's see, the score is 2-2. who ever wins this one wins. Gate card set! Bakugan Brawl! Laserman stand! (on my gate card.) Your turn.

Agent A: You are going to like this.... >=)... Lets do this Helios!

Helios: I am ready A!

Agent A: Ability Card ACTIVATE; Guard Hammer: Play before you roll a Haos Bakugan. If it lands on a Gate card, replace that Gate Card with one of yours. The original card goes back to its original owner's unused pile. Bakugan Brawl! Helios Stand! *Helios stood on your Gate card* Rise, Haos Viper Helios!


Agent A: Now I will switch your Gate Card with mine!!!!! So, Gate Card OPEN! The AU Plateau !!!!! (Gold; 10 Pyrus; 100 Aquos; 80 Subterra; 210 Haos; 150 Darkus; 230 Ventus; Silver and Copper Gear can't be played)


The AU Plateau

Darkus Laserman

(350 + 150= 500 G's)

Haos Viper Helios

(740 + 210= 950 G's

Agent A: Muhahahahahahahahahaha!

Namxof: Noooooooooooooooo! I lost! Good game,l Agent A.

James VS Lomar: Show Brawl!! Edit

James: Let's go!!! We'll use 1 Bakugan and Gear. 500 LP Gauge.


Subterra Glotronoid 750 Gs

Silver Boomix 70 Gs

Lomar: Okay! I will use Haos Lumagrowl 770Gs and Copper Battle Turbine 70Gs

Lumagrowl: Good Luck Dharak!

Lomar: BTW I went to Target yesterday, but no Wave 2 GI's :(

Lumagrowl: Do we get unlimited ability cards?

James: Yes, and was it the one at Long Gate? Cuz im going to the 1 at Dobbin later.

Dharak: Heh heh heh, your not fighting me....

Lomar: I think it was Long Gate, but I'm going to the Greatland Target near Red Robin tomorrow! (They are having a sale on Star Wars and Atlantis Legos on Sunday!)

Agent A: Could I be the proctor?

Lomar: Sure, A

James : Yay! I'm going 2!! I'm going at 10! Maybe we could meet!

Lomar: Are you going today or tomorrow?

James: 2morroe. I figger il stop at ToysRus 2.

Lomar: So am I! are you going at 10am or 10pm?

James: Lets go! Subterra Glotronoid stand!!!

Glow: RHAR!!!

Lomar: Okay, Haos Lumagrowl stand!

Lumagrowl: I'm taking you down!

James *listening to Burn It To the Ground* I'm gonna burn you down!! Ability activate! EARTH GLOW! *Adds 300 Gs to Glow*

Glow: *Glowing red* RHAAH!! I CAN FEEL IT! *at 1050 Gs*

James: Your move..

Lomar: Double Ability card activate! Light Smash + Haos Strike! *Light Smash nullifies your gate* and *Haos Strike adds 100Gs to Lumagrowl and nullifies all of your ability cards you use in this battle* !!!

Lumagrowl: I'm gonna slice&dice you, Glowtronoid!!!

Glow: RAGHHH! *returns to ball form*


James: Heh heh.. nice. Bakugan BRAWL! Glow, stand!!


James: Ability activate! Vulcan Shield! *subtracts 300 Gs from opponent, can only be negated by Subterra Ability* Lumagrowl at 470 Gs*

Lomar: kay... Bakugan Brawl! Haos Lumagrowl stand!

Lumagrowl: *panting* I feel so weak!

Lomar: Don't worry Lumagrowl, I got you covered! Gate card open! Leveled Ground! * No bonus Bronze: All Bakugan return to their base power levels and no more ability cards may be played*

Lumagrowl: that's much better!

James: Not so fast.. Double Fusion Ability ACTIVATE! Shine Release and Revenge Buster! *negates Gate Card* *adds diference in G's from last battle if it was a loss* *Glow at 1170 Gs* Lumagrowl at base* Battle Gear BOOST! Boomix! *since it's a show brawl Boomix has 100 Gs* *at 1270*

Glow: IT IS OVER! RAGHRAHHGHH! *Shoots giant blast*

Agent A:.. okay... I change my mind!

George: Run away!!!!!!!!

Lomar: Hold on a minute, you forgot about the second effect of my gate, it renders all ability cards useless! So you can't nullify it because fusion ability cards, are still ability cards!!! but any way just in case I'll Boost Lumagrowl up with some battle gear! Battle Gear Boost! Battle Turbine!!! *Since it is a show brawl Battle Turbine also has 100Gs*

Cumputer: current Gs Lumagrowl: 870Gs

Glowtronoid: 850Gs

Lumagrowl: This is it Glowtronoid!

Glow: Oh... REALLY? HAH! DO YOU HONESTLY BELIEVE I WOULD PLAY AN ABILITY THAT ONLY BOOSTS MY GS BY 300?!?! TAKE A BETTER LOOK * The Earth Glow Ability is still in effect* *+100 Gs*

Glow: TAKE... THIS! *Boomix shoots giant blast*

Lomar: You can't do that James because you must reveal all the information when you activate a gate card or ability card (It's in the rules), so the score is still 870Gs to 850Gs.

Lumagrowl: I'm gonna blow you away! *Battle Turbine sends Glowtronoid flying off the gate*

Glow: Huh?! *Boomix shatters* NOO!!!

James: Unh.. again? Oh well. Good job, Glow. If was your first brawl.

Glow: Hmph...

James: Ah... good job.

Glow: We will get our revenge on Dimensions!!!

James VS Lomar: Show Brawl Rematch!!!Edit

James: Let's go!

  • Subterra Howlfang (900 Gs)
  • Bronze Spikeran Gear (100 Gs)

James: Go!!

Lomar: Okay!

  • Haos Spartamole (900Gs)
  • Bronze Spartadrill (100Gs)

Lomar: Gate card set!

James: Bakugan Brawl! Roar, Subterra Howlfang!

Lomar: Bakugan Brawl! Rise, Haos Spartamole!

James: Ability Card, activate! Great Roar!

Howl: Rrrrraaaaaaggghhhh!!!!!!! (-300 Gs) (Spartamole at 600)

Lomar: Oh yeah! Battle Gear Boost! Spartadrill!

Spartamole: *Drills are equiped to hands and feet* Meh! (700Gs) *starts diging*

Lomar: Battle gear ability activate! Spartadrill 1! (If your openent has more G's than you do, change his attribute to yours.)

Spartamole: *creates gaint hole under Howlfang* (Howlfang -200Gs) Grrrrr! *changes Howlfang's attribute to Haos*

James: Tied, eh? Ability card activate! Sonic Slash! (Transfers 300) (1000 to 400)

Lomar: wait a sec, James you can't activate ability cards because Howlfang's attribute has been change. Oh, and Ability card activate! Haos Drill! (Spartamole +400) (I got zukanator!)

Lomar: James, are you there?

I want 2 brawl some one who wants 2 face darkusgal231 and darkus Omega Leonidas?!

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