Team Haos Emblem

Team Haos is a Haos only team. Its current leader is Kevin. If you use Haos-Attributed Bakugan and wish to join, feel free to add your name to the list. If you do add your name and you are a brawler, please add 3 to the total number of Bakugan. If you are a Researcher, please state that you are, but don't add 3 to the total number of Bakugan. Also; please DO NOT remove any team member name for the list, only do so if you no longer want to be part of Team Haos.

Team Haos Info[edit | edit source]

Team Leader: Kevin

Team Guardian: Haos Lumagrowl

Number of Bakugan in Team Haos: 24

Team Members[edit | edit source]

  • Kevin (Leader)
  • Bri (Kevin's Friend)
  • Cp22
  • Aquos Siege
  • Attribute
  • Agent A (Twilight Brawler; uses 2 Haos and 1 Darkus)
  • Lyke
  • Bakulomar

Team Haos History[edit | edit source]

Team Haos was founded by it's current leader, Kevin. Team Ventus is Team Haos' rival team and will cross paths and there will be many fierce battles!

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