Team 2

The Campions of Vestroia

The Champions of Vestroia is a Bakugan Diminsions Team founded by Zacten.every member is a friend of his in real life.every member spicalizes in a differnt attribute.


1.Zacten(Zac10 in BD)(Pyrus Brawler and Leader)-Pyrus Lumino Dragonoid (Guardian Bakugan) and Silver JetKor(Battle Gear)

2.Gwen10(Haos Brawler,Stratagest,and Planner)-Haos Lumagrowl (Guardian Bakugan)

3.KevinII(Aquos Brawler,and Spy)-Aquos Akwimos (Guardian Bakugan)

4.Kaden(Subterra Brawler)-Subterra Coredem (Guardian Bakugan) and Silver Rock Hammer(Battle Gear)

5.Ian(Ventus Brawler)-Ventus Strikeflier (Guardian Bakugan) and Bronze Battle Tubine(Batttle Gear)

6.WesX13(Darkus Brawler)-Darkus Dharak (Guardian Bakugan) and Gold AirKor(Battle Gear)

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