The Online Bakugan Team is a team of 6 Brawlers and 1 researcher. We are all very strong.

The TeamEdit


Benji: He is the Subterra Brawler. He is also the Leader. His Guardians are Snapzoid and Clayf. His Trap is Baliton. His Battle Gear is Silver Rock Hammer.

Gugi: He is the Darkus Brawler. His Guardian is Moskeeto. His Trap Bakugan is Pythantus. His Battle Gear is Boomix

Lomar: He is the Haos Brawler. His Guardian is Lumagrowl. His Trap Bakugan is Metalfencer. His Battle Gear is Barias Gear.

Gundalian94: He is the Ventus Brawler. His Guardian is Strikeflier. His Battle Gear is Battle Turbine. His Trap is Pythantus.

Lyke: He is the Aquos Brawler. His Guardian is Farakspin. His Bakugan Trap is Tripod Epsilon. His Gear is Terrorcrest.

Horma: He is the Pyrus Brawler. His Guardian is Crimson and Pearl Dharak. His Trap Bakugan is Hylash. His Battle Gear is Gold Twin Destructor.

Agent: He is the Twilight Brawler. Which means he brawls with both Haos and Darkus. His Guardian is Haos Viper Helios/Helios MK2 and Dual Hydranoid. His Trap Bakugan is Haos Metalfencer. His Battle Gear is AirKor.

Markus: He is the Non-Brawler. He researches for the Team. Once we have an enemy he will be ready to spy on them.

Old MembersEdit

Recgameboy: He was the Pyrus Brawler. His Guardians are Pyrus Monarus and Haos Rattleoid.


  • Gugi and Gundalian have the same trap, oddly enough they will both be partnered in task.
  • Horma and Lomar are best friends in real life. Therefor, They will be partnered with each other.
  • Markus and Agent A are paired durring task.
  • Benji and Lyke are going to be paired up. Sometimes Benji goes with Gugi. Or the three of them go together.
  • Benji made the pairs based on how they brawl and by their bakugan.
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