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The Strikeflier Clan is an Bakugan Dimensions team in which all members own at least 1 Strikeflier. You do not have to brawl with it, you just have to own one. We are a Nethian Team who fight The Shadow Army. If you love Strikeflier, than this team is the team for you. So far we have 7 members.When you are on the team, please log on to Bakugan Dimensions and ask DrPenguin to be your friend. This makes it easier to keep track of members. The leader of this team is Strikeflier. Strikefliers Rock.

If you would like to be a member just add your name to the list. You do not have to have a wikia account, just ask the team leader to put your name on the members list. The Team Leader (Strikeflier) will also be on Bakugan Dimensions. His ID is DrPenguin, if you see him on you may ask him to be on the team.


  • Team Leader Strikeflier ~ Dimensions ID: DrPenguin ~ Guardian: Strikeflier
  • Second In Command Bakuhorma ~ Dimensions ID: BakuHorma ~ Guardian: Lumagrowl
  • Third In Command Gundalian94 ~ Dimensions ID: Gundalian94 and Kurimaru ~ Guardian: Strikeflier with Gundalian94 and Aranaut with Kurimaru
  • Member (No Wikia Account) ~ Dimensions ID: Adrainone ~ Guardian: Dharak
  • Member (No Wikia Account) ~ Dimensions ID: jerrythomas ~ Guardian: Helix Dragonoid
  • Member (No Wikia Account) ~ Dimensions ID: Kmcgee10 ~ Guardian: TBA
  • Member (No Wikia Account) ~ Dimensions ID: piaggio ~ Guardian: Helix Dragonoid
  • Member
  • Member
  • Member


  1. On Friday July 30th 2010 there will be a tournament in the sewers. Click here for more details
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