aka Benji

Bureaucrat Founder
  • I live in San Pedro, CA
  • I was born on February 2
  • My occupation is Aspiring Singer/Actor/Photographer
  • I am Male

So if you are a great contributer on this wiki you can be an Admin. But dont ask me if you can be one, then your chances drop. I guess for now I am the only Admin. But that can change through time. I am the Leader of two teams: The Online Bakugan Team , and The Brawling Bunch.

Current Status:


Bakugan I Will Use

Subterra Clayf: 700G

Subterra Snapzoid: 720G

Subterra Akwimos: 750G

Subterra Coredem: 750G

Copper Rock Hammer: 70G

Subterra Raptorix: 820G

Subterra Baliton: Darkus & Ventus AS

Subterra Hammer Gorem: 610G

Subterra Thunder Wilda: 630G

Subterra Alpha Hydranoid: 640G

Subterra Grakas Hound: Ventus AS

Subterra Jamello: 840G (I made him up, I will use him in the brawling room)

Subterra Jamello


Jamello in ball form opens like Minx Elfin. He has Music notes float over his head holographically when he opens. He has the same designs of Minx Elfin, but doesn't have the frog or hair, or the same face, or the little Heart part. Instead he has, a Music Note where the heart was, His face looks like a Lion but he can stand up on two feet. He has Cave paintings on his face, and he has a mane, not a frog. He is also Subterra

Ability Cards

Music Wave: Subtracts 100G from the Opponent, adds 100G to him.

Earthquake: Moves the Opponent to another Gate Card.

High Pitched: Subtracts 300Gs from the opponent.

Energy Drain: Drains 200Gs from all bakugan with the attributes of: Pyrus, Haos, Aquos, Ventus, and Darkus.

He can use all the others abilities my other bakugan use too, and Gate Cards.

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