My bakugan attribute

About me!

Hey guys! Here are some things you need to know about me.

I have edited Bakugan Wiki and Bakugan Teams Wiki.

I'm 11 years old.

My name is ????.

My favorite color is green

If you wanna know more go to More about Fusion Arceus (click the link!) or if you wanna play games ( put on by me!) go to Fusion Arceus's Games! (click it!)!

My Bakugan

Subterra Hyper Dragonoid 700G

Aquos Lars Lion 540G

Haos Scraper 500G

Crimson and Pearl Helix Dragonoid 740G

Pyrus Lumagrowl 640G

Haos Alto Brontes 720G

Ventus Strikeflier 720G

Haos Foxbat 620G

My Battle Gears

Twin Destructor 100G Copper

DNA Codes

Pyrus Helix Dragonoid 740G

Twin Destructor 100G Copper

Subterra Earth Arceus

With the combined power from subterra and myself, Fusion Arceus, I create the bakugan called Subterra Earth Arceus.

Ability Cards:

Subterra Takeover (Green, Gives all Subterra Bakugan on battlefield 150G)

Rock Hammer Abiliy (Red, Additional 90G)

Home Advantage (Blue, Pyrus :0G , Aquos: 50G, Subterra: 110G, Haos: 0g, Darkus: 0G, Ventus: 0G)

Earth Destruction (Green, Gives Earth Arceus 200G)

Pyrus Inferno Dragonoid

with the combined power with my helix drago and the power of pyrus, i call forth the bakugan Pyrus Inferno Dragonoid

Ability Cards:

Pyrus Takeover (Green, Gives all Pyrus Bakugan on battlefield 150G's)


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