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About meEdit

I am 15 years old. I mostly edit for the Bakugan wiki, but i work here too! I have never lost a Bakugan battle, and I am part of the Bakugan Online team, led by Benji.

My BakuganEdit

Ventus Strikeflier (guardian)- 780gs

Ventus Phosphos- 750gs

Ventus Dharak- 700gs

Ventus Cosmic Ingram- 700gs

Ventus Alpha Percival- 800 gs

Ventus Krakix- 640gs

Pyrus Lumino Dragonoid- 630gs

Darkus Aranaut- 760gs

Silver Battle Turbine- 80 gs

Gold Twin Destructor- 90gs

Ventus Pythantus- Darkus, Subterra, and Aquos

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