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    Role Play 3

    July 7, 2010 by Malum.EXE

    Kevin: It's time for Role Play 3!

    Lumagrowl: You guys know what to do!

    Duna: And remember to play nice!

    Kevin: BAKU...

    Duna: Wait Love! Can I say it?

    Kevin: Sure! Go for it!

    Duna: Yay! BAKUGAN BRAWL!

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  • Malum.EXE

    Hikari: The White Rose... a symbol of purety, light, and truth...but not for me. WhiteRose; my alter ego.

    • picks up a White Rose*

    WhiteRose: All who see my white rose has no choice but to face me in battle on my field, for my rose IS the battlefield. *throws the rose and it sticks into the ground and the area becomes a battlefield* Although my name may suggest that I'm a Haos Battler, I'm not. I use Pyrus Helix Dragonoid, Darkus Mega Brontes, and Haos Lumagrowl. Unlike Hikari, I am Darkness and all shall fear me! MWUHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

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  • Malum.EXE

    Role Play 2

    May 19, 2010 by Malum.EXE

    Hikari: Welcome to Role Play 2!

    Lumagrowl: We hope you enjoy it!

    Hikari: Yeah! BAKUGAN BRAWL!

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    Kevin's Origin

    April 14, 2010 by Malum.EXE

    Hikari: How did I come to be? What exactly am I? Why do I have these special powers? I ask myself these questions everyday. I finally found the answers to those questions. My name is Hikari Okami. My father was part human and part wolf; my mother was part Twili and part Bakugan. I am 1/4 human, 1/4 Wolf, 1/4 Twili, and 1/4 Bakugan. By the time I was 5, I began to exhibit strange and wondrous powers. At 8, I mastered the ability to transform into an wolf at will. At the age of 10, I began to train in order to control my newfound powers. By the age of 14, I learned that I was a Haos Attributed Bakugan; however, due to my Twili side, I was also Darkus. By the age of 16, I learned that I could control both Light and Darkness. At 17, The Sages …

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    Role Play!

    April 5, 2010 by Malum.EXE

    Kevin: This is a blog where you can role play as yourself and as your Guardian Bakugan!

    Lumagrowl: Kevin! What are you doing?

    Kevin: Nothing. *whistles*

    Lumagrowl: KEVIN!

    Kevin: Haha! *runs*

    Lumagrowl: GRRR! *chases me*

    Kevin: Don't worry! We do this all the time! ^^

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